Starting Friday morning, those who enjoy stopping at the McDonalds on Karsch Boulevard in Farmington for a morning cup of coffee or a burger and fries will have to visit another location as the iconic fast food franchise will be torn down to make room for a brand new facility.

“We will have closed the inside of the restaurant at 11 p.m. on Thursday and the drive-thru at midnight,” said Erica O’Neal, an assistant manager at the Karsch location. “On Monday, they will begin bulldozing this building and will begin a complete rebuild.”

Although the present facility has been part of Farmington for more than 30 years, it is, according to O’Neal, time for a new building.

“We have grown, and we are a lot busier now than we were in the past,” O’Neal said. “The store really wasn’t built for the amount of volume we do.”

Once work begins, it is expected to take 90 to 100 days before the new facility will be ready to open to the public with a whole new look and some exciting new additions for its customers.

“We will still have Playland, but it will be updated,” O’Neal said. “The building will be more spacious and we will have a double drive through like some of our other locations. We are all very excited. We will have new equipment – we have some of the older equipment like the shake machine – and a brand new modern looking interior.”

When the new store opens, the building will not be the only expansion. O’Neal stated the location will expand its workforce from about 50 employees presently to 70 or 80 employees when they reopen.

While the location is closed, many of the employees will be relocated to other franchise stores.

“We have some of our employees leaving for college, but some will be transferred to locations in our franchise,” O’Neal stated. “Some of our employees will be taking some time off.”

During their last afternoon on Thursday, the Moffits of Farmington had one last meal in the old building. For the local family, the restaurant has been a big part of their lives as most of the family has worked at that location at one time or another.

“We decided to visit our daughter Jessica on her last day working here,” said mom, Rhonda Moffit. “My husband Martin and my three girls, Ashleigh, Lauren and Jessica have all worked here. I was the odd one out. I had worked at Burger King. It’s been a long legacy. Martin started in 1989 and until 2017 with Jessica.”

Until the new facility reopens, customers can visit the other Farmington location at 1700 W. Columbia.

Craig Vaughn is a reporter for the Farmington Press and can be reached at 573-518-3629 or at


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