The Fredericktown Foundation hosted its alumni event August 26.

The volleyball and basketball contests allowed former FHS athletes a chance to be among the first to play on the new high school gym floor.

Alumni Basketball/Volleyball players from the classes 1977-2017 participated.

Participants included Paige Godsey (Class of 2016), Wendy Helton (1996), Annabeth Phillips (2016), Jennifer Sikes (1994), Kristen Starkey (1997), Brennan White (2016), Danielle Yilmaz (1995), Christy Understall, Tonya Gresham (1988), Carla Lay (1987), Vicki Moyers (1977), Patti Penwell (1995), Rhonda Starkey (1988), Tracy Wade (1996), Nickey Reutzel (2002), Karen Broussard (1990), Elizabeth Cureton (1998), Kirsten Hanner (2016), Amy Hellrich (1999), Terra Helm (2013), Ellie Jensen (2015), Jennifer Keith (2002), Brittany Reutzel (2009), Lindsey Stiger (1997), Paige Umfleet (2014), Dustin Bess (2007), Brian Gililand (1981), Gary Gresham (1983), D.J. Hinkle (2005), Dustin Merrill (2001), Jason Nash (1992), Micha Reutzel (2004), Scott Sikes (1979), Joaby Sikes (2004), Jake Sikes (2009), Jason Starkey (1992), Ryan Thompson (2007), Taylor Hampton (2016), Jim Sikes, Bobby Winkelman (1990), Courtney Hampton (2013), Renee Harrison (1978), Kerry McMahon (1989), Keith McMahon (1988), Tyler Helm, Tanner Ward, Brian Hanner, Jon Page, Don Huff, Kevin Coffman (1986), Jackie Capone (1989), Chuck Penuel, Lonny Sheldon, Steve Fraser, and Becky Sikes.

In between games foundation president Phil Page spoke about the gym project and other foundation endeavors. The foundation also dedicated a plaque with the names of the donors who made the new gym possible. All money raised during the games (approximately $4,000) will go directly to future foundation projects.

Victoria Kemper is a reporter for the Democrat News. She can be reached at 573-786-3366 or at


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