Ben Deed-Wilbur A. Hofstetter and wife to Matthew Hofstetter

Ben Deed-John R. Bennett to Steven P. Poulsen

QC-Annie K. Hargrove to Annie K. Hargrove Et al

WD-Lonnie R. Mouser and wife to James A. Hovis and wife

WD-Robbins Brothers Farm, LLC to Jamie Henson and wife

WD-Robin Ray Sansonetti, Jr. to David Long

WD-Swinford Properties, LLC to Stevens Property Mgt. LLC

WD-Linda L. Unnerstall Trust to Steven L. Bernardi

WD-Paul Cureton and wife to Joshua Collier and wife

WD-Joshua Collier and wife to Paul Cureton and wife

WD-Paula R. Cureton and wife to The Steuben Revocable Liv. Trust

WD-Betty Rauls to Marble Creek Properties and Land Mgt. LLC


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