It’s difficult to believe how many disasters the world has been experiencing lately.

Oh, I realize there are tragedies happening somewhere nearly every day, but sometimes they seem to come in cycles. The ravaging fires in the West. The huge earthquake in Mexico. Flooding in the East. Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Hurricane Irma in Florida. Tornadoes along with the hurricanes.

My question to each of us is this: Are you really prepared for whatever might come along? We stock up on medicines, food, water, and gasoline. We close up and tighten down everything we possibly can as soon as we know what’s coming. We charge up everything electronic we have in case the electricity goes out. Then we wait.

Of course, there are always those who think they have everything under control and want to be heroes by showing the world they can withstand whatever might come along. Also, there are those that just can’t leave and must stay put.

Life brings other challenges to us as well. There are the totally unexpected experiences in our lives that catch us unaware. Personal family tragedies. The riots and the devastation they bring. The memories and results of 9/11. Never for a minute did we expect such a thing to happen to us.

People immediately respond. Strangers pitch in and come to our aid. Help comes in various ways. People give blood, food, clothing, necessities, money. We reach out and lend a helping hand however we can. Many prayers are extended on behalf of those in need. We are a generous and giving nation and because of that we are a blessed people.

Still, the ultimate question is this: Are you really prepared for whatever might come? Do you know what your final destination will be for eternity? It is the responsibility of each of us to determine our future destiny. No one else can do that for us. Make certain you are prepared for whatever might come into your life.


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