It’s that time of year again when parents, grandparents, teachers, and schools are gearing up for the new school year.

New clothes, school supplies, backpacks, lunch boxes, shoes, and every imaginable item that one might need to be prepared for the upcoming year is on display. Sales and bargains are everywhere, so decisions are up for grabs.

I was at the mall in Cape Girardeau a couple of weeks ago getting a few things I needed and as I rested on a bench for a few moments, I enjoyed watching as parents and children went from store to store looking for the perfect back to school clothing. As the day wore on, the younger children were more than ready to go home, tired from all the shopping. But the teenagers and college age students were more than eager to continue. Were they finishing up and ready for the new year to begin, or had they waited until the last minute to rush in and find what they needed?

Many of us can ask the same question of our daily lives. Are we prepared for each new day or do we have to scramble at the last minute and then throw things together?

We can make our lives so much easier and less stressful if we would organize and prepare for the next events that are coming our way. Certainly, it takes a little more effort on our part to do some things ahead of time, but then when the event occurs, we find it much more enjoyable because we are prepared.

As an example, on Saturday nights, my father used to take all of our family’s shoes and shine them and put them on the steps, ready for us to put on for church on Sunday morning. He loved making our shoes shine and glisten and we were proud of how nice they looked. Maybe nothing big as some would see it, but it was special for us. We were ready for church with shiny shoes.

Of course there will always be some unforeseen problems that arise; that is to be expected and we deal with them as they come about. But as a whole, the better prepared we are for each new day, the smoother things will go. The same is true of our eternal future: Have you considered what it will hold? My prayer would be that you are truly ready and prepared. If not, prepare now.


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