Last weekend, my daughter Marion and I drove to Greenfield, Indiana to meet up with my brother Clay (90) and his wife Clara (88).

This was a halfway point between Missouri, where I live and Pennsylvania where they live. It also is in the county where my father was born in 1881. I haven’t been to Indiana for many years, so it was an enjoyable trip seeing the soybean and corn fields on both sides of the highway and beautiful country farmhouses along the way.

The weather was beautiful the entire weekend, so our short trips visiting the small town where my father grew up (Morristown) and the surrounding towns was most enjoyable.

The house where he and his sisters lived is still there and is being well cared for by a young man who loves history and values restoration of beautiful homes. We were privileged to get to go through the house and walk in the rooms my father used to enjoy.

Next door to his home is an established and popular restaurant that originally was a grain elevator. It is beautiful and the garden areas outside made you want to just sit, relax, and enjoy the day. Another spot we visited was the court house in Shelbyville, where there is a tree growing out of the top of the building.

That tree was there when the Union troops used the lawn for rest and the court house and tree are part of the attraction for the town. They have also created a memorable site in the front of the building, remembering those from Shelby County who served in all the wars from Civil to the present conflicts in the Mideast.

When we forget or try to erase the history of our nation, we do ourselves and our children a grave disservice. The phrase ‘Lest we forget’ reminds us of the hardships and struggles we have endured as a nation, but also of the victories we have achieved with God’s help because of them. My brother, who served in both Korea and Vietnam, was extremely touched and moved by the willingness of the people to recognize and remember those who had served.

‘Lest any of us forget’ what has gone before us in our nation or world or families, we need never to take for granted our families and the contributions they have made; spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and sacrificially. May each of your hearts be reminded of some special family memories and take a moment to thank your Heavenly Father for their lives.


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