On Sunday my yard was filled with tiny snow birds which my mother always said came ahead of the snow.

The little birds are gray with a white chest. I don't know if mom meant they come before the first snow of the season, or before every snow, but I think they may be just passing through and we'll only see them before the first snow. You help me watch for them this winter, and maybe we will learn more about their habits.

As we all know, we have another season upon us, the season of giving gifts to each other and receiving gifts ourselves, but we should never forget that the real cause for celebrating goes back 2017 years ago, when God sent His Beloved Son to be the biggest and best gift, for the whole world, that anyone could receive.

That is Jesus, our Lord and Savior, who came not to establish a season of shopping and lights, but willingly suffered and gave His life to save people from a devil's hell. Jesus arose after three days and since then He is here day in and day out, all year, calling for people to receive Him while they still have opportunity. Not everyone wants to receive Him, you know, but it is the intention of all who know and love Him, to be sure that everybody at least knows who Jesus is and why He came to Earth. He came to Earth to sacrifice Himself, the only pure lamb there ever was or ever will be; the only person to be worth more than all people, put together, from the beginning of the earth to the end. He is the only one and the only way through which we can connect with God, the Father.

God will judge the nations as, and when, He sees the need. That is scary to me, because of all the sin that many find acceptable in this richly-blessed country we call home. A lot of people think that God is withholding judgment because we are allies with Israel, but there are those, waiting in the wings, who would like to drop Israel like a hot potato. When that happens, and we no longer care about God's chosen people, which God cares so much for that He brought His Only Begotten Son through their lineage, as He planned from the beginning of time, the United States, which is certainly not "of God" anymore may find itself to be all on its own.

The good news is that all who belong to God will not go down with the ship, but will be on their way to a wonderful place where they will live forever with God and all His many children. Even those who are dead will be resurrected just like their Savior was, and they will be on their way too.

In that far-off sweet forever

Just beyond the shining river

When they sing those golden bells for you and me.

Let's be there,


Jennie is a long-time resident of Fredericktown, an eclectic gatherer of stories, information, and experiences to share with whoever would like to read them. She can be reached at 573-783-6721 or by mail at 2040 Hwy 00; Fredericktown, MO 63645


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