Well, another turkey has come and gone in the saga of my life. I will call this one "Tom" and say we did enjoy him while he was here. We had a very happy day and I always feel so blessed when our family comes together. Now I am looking forward to getting practically every dish, pan and utensil I own washed, dried and put away.

We last left Grandma Pfaff November 20, of 1905, and will now return to the Pfaff farm and family: William and Mary, nine daughters, and one son, John.

November 20-A dark cloudy day and the ground covered with snow, which fell at intervals all yesterday and last night. In the night I could hear the ice beat against the window pane. Father sold "Joe Bowers" (a horse) and delivered him to Bell Hutchison, four miles north of Green Ridge. He did not come home till after dark, a little worse for wear.

Phyllis is gone to town this afternoon, the younger ones to school. Mr. Malone came yesterday and fixed the stuck keys in the piano.

Thursday November 22-Bright and fair after the storm, the ground is still covered with snow. I did not go to the Sewing Society today. Phyllis is spending the day with Hattie. Father is spending the day in town.

Friday 23rd-Phyllis went home with Grace Kydd last night and did not come home until this morning. She missed the first sleigh ride of the season. Roy McCampbell and Joe Reed came out and got Mame, Helen and Berta, then a number from town, and they rode until about half past eleven. Sammy is visiting Hattie until Saturday evening. Hattie weaned little Philip this week.

Saturday 24-Berta and her father went up to Mrs. May Wadleigh's today and bought sixteen bushels of apples. We put them in the cellar after dark. Had a letter from cousin Mary Jane. She sent a small picture of the stone that we had put up for our dear ones that are sleeping their last long sleep in the beautiful cemetery at Waterloo.

Sunday 25-Rainy and dark. Three of the older girls went to church. It is my turn to get dinner. Brother John came down and stayed until nearly dark. No one went to church tonight, raining again.

November 30-Yesterday being Thanksgiving Day, we all loaded up and went to Cousin Henry Gregory's to spend the day. We got there about eleven. We had a very nice day and a very nice dinner. Rain set in and fell all afternoon, but stopped just long enough for us to get home. I enjoy these special days of gathering kindred. The years bring change and about every year we are fewer.

Hattie wanted to come home today and Berta went after her, but Fred thought it was too bad and I guess he was right, for the rain just poured down all afternoon and evening. I made chicken pie for dinner and canned apples in the afternoon. Father William has had a cold. Phyllis expected to go to a party tonight at Sawyers' with Roy McCampbell, but the rain prevented them.

Hattie and Fred Ream are mine and Sammy's grandparents, and Mary and William Pfaff are our "greats". All for now.

Jennie is a long-time resident of Fredericktown, an eclectic gatherer of stories, information, and experiences to share with whoever would like to read them. She can be reached at 573-783-6721 or by mail at 2040 Hwy 00; Fredericktown, MO 63645


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