I have visited a few Eschatology meetings and have become aware of some interpretations of Bible information that I had not known about before and I am excited about them.

For instance, we know that some Bible prophecies have yet to be fulfilled, while others have been brought to pass at times unexpected by historians and theologists, etc. This is something that I had never thought about, that God plans some happenings based on the catalyst of seemingly random events, rather than planning them on a hard and fast time line. He can do this, of course, because He knows what is going to happen in the future.

One scary thing that was suggested to consider, is the answer to why the USA has not been brought under judgement for its many ungodly laws, ungodly teaching and numerous sinful practices: this could very well have been rescinded by God because the U.S. has for several years supported Israel and been allied with them.

God has spoken severe penalties against those who persecute His chosen people, even though He may punish them Himself, for they are His chosen people and He loves them. He loves us too, but we will pay the price if we disregard Israel and their plight.

In the future, the U.S. may have to make some hair-raising decisions concerning the protection of Israel, and those decisions might very well determine when and whether we will come under God's judgement for our discretions. We can hope never to go there.

I am wondering if the tribulation period for all, has begun. We sure have several of the ingredients present and active: earthquakes, the sea roaring, abounding evil, mudslides, fires, wars, and rumors of war.

It is definitely time, and high time, to make preparations for our own future. At best, life is fragile and short, but eternity will be forever. Right now, we need to make personal decisions that will count for eternity.

As I write today, the news is filled with our current disasters, Hurricane Irma and the destruction of Hurricane Harvey. This is also a day of memory for the gruesome events of 9/11. 

It is good to know that you can be bound for a land that will have no disasters, no injuries and no death. That is the good news for today and everyday.


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