My father, Samuel Ream and his five brothers were all in WWII so all the wives of the brothers and the five Ream sisters, most of whom had husbands who were also gone off to war, began a "round robin" letter. The "robin" as we call it is still flying today, only now it's just the first cousins and some of their children who participate, for our folks have all passed on.

We started out with seventeen cousins and three have passed away, including my dear brother, Sam. I don't even know how many children, grandchildren and little greats that we have now. Wouldn't Grandma Pfaff (my great-grandmother) be pleased to see what a large family started from her daughter Hattie (Harriet), and this is not even counting the offspring of Grandma's other eight girls, and her son.

One difference I notice between me and several of my cousins is that I am a "homebody" and they are real travelers. Sometimes their letters seem like travelogues, with lots of wonderful pictures and exciting stories. I confess that once in a while I do feel a longing stir when I think of all the places I have never been, and probably never will be, and all that I may be missing.

But then, I think about huge terminals, plane crashes, train crashes, the Titanic, zillions of cars surrounding me, all that walking, stairs, elevators, escalators, revolving doors and acres of vicious protesters, and I know I don't even want to go.

Anything, except God's natural creations, you can see better on TV anyway. And we're always surrounded by His creations, wherever we live. So many of my memories are backdropped by Fredericktown. Such nice people, friendly businesses, loving churches, best schools you could ever find (any everyone on the staff is special). Just as anywhere you could be, every day is a new day. We have lots of things to do here and lots of places to go, and lots of friends to go with. There really is no place like home, and I am not only content; I am very thankful to be where I am.

I thank God for His goodness and I thank Grandpa and Grandma Pfaff for getting our family off to a great start. And also thanks for Grandma's diary, for it gives us the privilege of really knowing her. I am so glad my parents, Sam and Nell Ream, moved us to Fredericktown, right after my Dad came home from the service and I have been happy here ever since.


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