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A student takes the spotlight in a previous West County's Got Talent competition, which helps fund student achievement incentives.

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Students from West County elementary, middle school and high school will be coming together this evening to show off the district’s many talented individuals.

“West County’s Got Talent” will take place at the high school at 7 p.m., with performances from students of each campus all vying for the top spots from their schools.

West County Choir Teacher Ryan Hassell said the performances will display a wide variety of talented students.

“We have three separate divisions,” Hassell said. “We have an elementary division, a middle school division and a high school division. The kids do any type of talent — singing, dancing or comedy.

“As the night goes on, each division will perform and everybody will be given a ballot as they come in with a little box next to each performer’s name. They’ll choose a favorite performer from each division.”

Hassell said after the divisions have all performed, a group of West County staff will then tabulate the votes to determine winners.

“While the tabulation is going on, our middle school choir will sing, our high school choir will sing and our high school jazz band is going to play,” he said.

After the votes have been counted each division’s first, second and third place winners will be announced. First place winners will win $50, second place will win $40 and third place will win $30.

Hassell said this year there are 10 performers from the elementary, five from the middle school and three from the high school.

A $5 admission will be charged at the door, with the proceeds going back to the students of West County.

“It’s going toward our middle school student activities account,” Hassell said. “That account is used for incentives for different things — students that achieve well on the MAP test or different rewards for the kids. It helps with field trips and things like that.”

Following the event, the gathered students, faculty and family will join to sing the national anthem and the West County school song.

“It’s a big event,” Hassell said. “We usually have about 500 people or so. There was one year that we had like 1,100 people come and the gym was packed. It gets a big turnout and the community supports the school so much. It’s just a great night — it’s one of the few things that we do together as a school district.”

Hassell said another similar event called “West County Idol” will take place next spring, on March 9.

Jacob Scott is a reporter with the Daily Journal. He can be reached at 573-518-3616 or at jscott@dailyjournalonline.com.


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