The saying "Bloom where you are planted" should be reworked when talking about Brandi Farrow. A more appropriate statement may be "Bloom where you have always bloomed".

At the age of six, Farrow informed her parents, Larry and Pam Sebastian, that she would be a florist and ballet teacher when she grew up. It has been no surprise to those who know her that she is fulfilling that first dream. Farrow has started a floral business called "Memories in Bloom". She specializes in floral arrangements for weddings, banquets and parties. The location of her workshop is in the basement of the home where she and husband, Ron, reside. This home has a very special place in Farrow's heart.

"We live in my grandparent's home. After they had both passed away, mom and dad asked if we would be interested in living here. We couldn't pass up the opportunity," she said.

Since beginning in January, "Memories in Bloom" has involved much of Farrow's family.

"My dad and uncle, Gary Cleve, installed the cooler in our basement for me. I've trained my mom and aunt to help with the basics in floral arranging. My dad also acts as my delivery man," she shared.

After graduating from Farmington High School in 1997, Farrow headed to Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau with intentions of graduating with a degree in teaching. After two years at college, the goal of that six year old little girl was still strong in Farrow's mind.

"I knew that I truly wanted to be a florist. I met my husband while at college and he is from Cape. His mother worked at a florist called 'Arrangements by Joyce' and she told me that there was a position for a part-time florist at the shop," she recalled.

Taking this job would be the start of Farrow working towards what she had always known she wanted to do. It also helped give her the drive that she has today.

"Joyce required me to learn the basics of floral design before I was given the chance to arrange on my own. She would let me know if an arrangement I had made was not what she expected. I appreciate her helping me work to make the best," she said.

Following her time at the florist in Cape, Farrow moved to St. Louis where she worked for Walter Knoll Florists. She has now been living her dream for the past six years.

While she put college on hold while working toward a career as a florist, Farrow feels that her background as an art major while in school is a helpful tool in knowing what looks best when arranging flowers. She also keeps up on the latest trends in wedding floral designs.

"All shades of pink are popular as well as lime greens, oranges and a lot of bright colors. The look now is of more tailored and stylized arrangements. It is also very popular for the wedding party to carry a single type of flower tied with a ribbon as a bouquet," she said.

It is the weddings, showers and those type of celebrations where Farrow has focused her business. She works closely with the bride and groom, taking care of the details so the couple can focus on other aspects of their special day. Farrow is currently booked for seven weddings this summer and the business has come from word of mouth from former customers or from those who have seen her work at some of the events she has done. She also arranged the flowers for her own wedding in 2002.

"Weddings are a very special day. I enjoy putting the time into helping make the day special and watching the details," she said.

Farrow can be reached by calling 747-1597.


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