Editor's note: The following is a poem submitted by Rachel Layton of Farmington.

They fight for freedom on lands far away

they stand as an emblem of the home of the brave.

The men and women in the service of our dear land

represent the freedom for which we stand.

Some died, others captive, and those that came home

all speak for what we wish others to own.

The ones that went away overseas,

the ones that stayed home to keep us free.

Iran, Iraq, Korea, Vietnam and more,

some didn’t come back from these distant shores.

Our military people want freedom for all,

from oppression, and famine, and those locked behind walls.

Some seem to have been forgotten once they came home

no party, or reward to express thanks was shown.

Some came back with scars you can see.

Others their scars were hidden from you and me.

These ones of the military that inspirit stand tall.

Wish for freedom and justice for one and all.

Their job won’t end until this world is all free,

they stand for justice and liberty.


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