Although the Farmington High School Varsity swim team is only four strong, they made a splash at their first meet on Aug. 25 at Cape Central High School.

“It was our first meet and we really wanted to just get a feel of how everything worked and how we worked as a team,” said swim coach Morgan Wilson. “We went into the meet with the goal to beat our own personal best times.”

For their first meet, the Knights swam against teams from Cape Central High School, Notre Dame High School, Jackson High School, Saxony Lutheran High School and John Burroughs High School, all of which have seasoned teams and overshadowed the Knights in sheer size.

“Except for Saxony, who only had one swimmer, the rest of the teams dwarfed us,” Wilson said. “The next smallest team after us had either 24 or 26 swimmers.”

Making up the Farmington team is senior Tim Carron, junior Max Kleppe and sophomores Gavin Cummins and Will Calderon.

“All of my swimmers had personal best in their events,” Wilson said. “We are really pleased with our performance, especially for Will, who had never swam (competitively) before. They all did fantastic.”

For Calderon, hitting the pool was a new experience for the sophomore and he wasn’t too sure if he was going to successful.

“Being on the swim team and in the water feels good,” Calderon said. “I didn’t think I would do so well. I think I’m going to stick with it through my senior year and hopefully get some scholarships.”

In addition to Calderon having a good day in the pool, so did the other members of the team. Carron, who is also the team captain, shaved 25 seconds off his 500-yard freestyle race.

“The 500 freestyle is the hardest race,” Wilson said. “It’s pure endurance because it’s so long. It’s a lot of distance to put in.”

Although Carron has been swimming for 10 years, the senior swimmer said the competition that his team is facing is different from what he is used to.

“This is a lot different than summer league,” Carron said. “Meets go much quicker and it’s a lot more difficult. But we will get a lot more out of it.”

For Kleppe, the junior swimmer could not be happier with the team’s performance - especially at their first meet.

“I think went great at Cape Central,” Kleppe said. “Everyone is getting better. I have done this type of swimming before, but for the new guys to step up and do so well is great. I think once we get our numbers built up and the team gets going we are going to do real well.”

Kleppe added that he sees good things for the swim team’s future, especially in the next couple years when younger swimmers make it to the high school.

“We have around 10 guys in middle school who are looking forward to swimming once they get to the high school,” Kleppe said. “Our numbers will start getting bigger and the team will continue to get better.”

Kleppe isn’t the only one who has faith in the team’s ability to get better. Wilson is also a strong believer in her young team.

“We have improved so much over the last month,” Wilson said. "I got lucky, these are a great group of guys.”

The Knights will be back in the water on Sept. 10 when they go against Jackson High School.

Craig Vaughn is a reporter for the Farmington Press and can be reached at 573-518-3629 or at


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