The Super Bowl was celebrated in lots of ways at Special Acres School in Park Hills. Students and staff voted to have a "Soup Drive". The goal was 1 00 cans. Students asked their parents to help. They brought cans of soup with them to school. Each classroom counted the cans brought each morning and then carried them to the "Souper Bowl" display in the hallway. It was fun to work as a team and chart our progress. Each classroom chose a mascot and decorated their room to show their spirit for the Super Bowl celebration planned for Friday, February 1. Students and staff cut out pictures and wrote words with markers to make posters. On the day of the party excitement filled the building. Everyone gathered in the hallway because it was a very cold and windy day. Matthew held the American flag while everyone recited the pledge to begin the day.

At lunchtime tail gating was the order of the day. Each child got to select a lunch bag which was decorated with words and pictures pertaining to football. It was fun to see which bag each child chose. The bags were filled with good food, snacks and drinks. Everyone had fun pretending they were tailgating.

Judges went from room to room to measure team spirit. Every room won a cash prize for having so much spirit! Students repeated the cheers they had made up as a class. Some classes had made pom poms to cheer with.

The whole school got together in the afternoon for the "Super Bowl". To begin the festivities every class performed their cheer. Miss Debbie's class was The Polar Bears. Their cheer featured posters of polar bears and words like "fight" and "win". The class had practiced in their classroom so their cheer was loud and clear. Miss Jessica's class was The Angry Birds. Jacob wore an Angry Birds tee shirt and led the cheer. Each student moved their arms and shouted the words together. Miss Lynne's class was The Mighty Lions. Jerry was dressed as a lion complete with a homemade mane. He roared at the end of the cheer while his classmates waved their pom poms they had made. Miss Carrie's class was The Weiss Owls, since their teacher's last name is Weiss. Karlina had an owl on her tee shirt and she shouted "hoot hoot" at the end of the cheer. Other students held up the poster they had made together. All the cheers were awesome, but Miss Lynne's class won the award for the best cheer.

Then it was time for the bowling to begin. Each student bowled one frame as their friends watched and cheered. Some of the students used the ramp to help them roll the ball into the pins. Other students put their fingers in the bowling ball and threw it just like they had learned in P. E. class. Everyone cheered for each other. The scores were added up to determine a class winner. Miss Debbie's class had the highest score! They won the award for the best bowling team. The faculty had to bowl differently. They rolled the ball between their legs using their left hand. They looked very funny. Everyone laughed and laughed. The classes all took turns picking snacks and drinks to enjoy in their classrooms after the tough competition.

The soup cans were stacked up after they were all counted and the students surpassed their goal by collecting 112 cans of soup and vegetables. Everyone was proud to know they had helped someone who was in need. These will be delivered to the local food pantry. It was a "Souper Bowl" to remember at Special Acres and teamwork made it possible!

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