A Park Hills woman who tried to hire someone to kill her estranged husband was sentenced to 10 years in prison Friday.

During the plea hearing before Circuit Court Judge Kenneth W. Pratte, Annette Burnia, 39, pleaded guilty to attempted murder in the second degree.

“I attempted to hire a hit man to kill my husband,” Burnia told the judge Friday.

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Pat King told the judge that the charge was amended slightly and the range of punishment was changed to five to 15 years in prison after doing some legal research. The original charge stated the range of punishment was 10 years to life in prison.

As part of the plea agreement the prosecutor’s office agreed to a 10-year sentence.

He explained to the judge that Burnia had solicited a family member to kill her husband but he contacted the Park Hills Police Department instead. An undercover officer then posed as a hit man and Burnia paid him $200 to kill her husband, Kevin. She also promised the “hit man” her husband’s boat and Nascar collection. She asked for his wallet and phones as evidence that the deed had been done.

King told the judge that his office had spoken to the husband and he was agreeable to the plea offer. The case had been scheduled for trial on Aug. 29.

According to court records, Burnia’s son, who was a juvenile at the time, reported to Park Hills Police in May that Burnia was trying to hire someone to kill her husband for the insurance money. He said she had asked him to kill the man who was his stepfather. She had offered him half the insurance money, a truck, and a new gun and threatened to harm his unborn child if he told anyone about this.

Park Hills Detectives arranged to have Burnia meet an undercover officer posing as a friend of the juvenile who claimed he would help Burnia.

The undercover officer met with Burnia at her home on Crane Street. She told him that she wanted her husband killed and the body to disappear.

Burnia agreed to pay $200 and sign over the title to her husband’s boat after her husband was killed, saying it would be community property. She explained that she had paid another person to kill her husband but that man ran off with her money.

She told the undercover officer her husband’s name, where he lives, what he looks like and what kind of truck he drives.

When the undercover officer said he would need the $200 upfront, she went into the house and brought him two $100 bills.

Not long after the undercover officer left, police went to her residence and arrested her.

Teresa Ressel is the assistant managing editor for the Daily Journal and can be reached at (573) 518-3613 or at tressel@dailyjournalonline.com

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WOW......that is cold blooded as it gets to threaten your child with killing or harming your own grandchild. 10 years is not enough. I don't even know her and I am scared and want to be notified when this woman gets out. Remember her name people because if she gets out and moves next door or gets a job with you or your family members you are in danger.


Wow! Lucky for him that she didn't meet up with someone that would do it.

small town mom
small town mom

Good to see that Deputy paying attention to job detail, she is to be escorted by hand. Glad she didnt fall or the County would have a nice lawsuit to settle.

Proud Mommy
Proud Mommy

This lady deserves more than that!! she was gonna harm her own child and grandbaby thats sick!!! After preson she needs to go n a nut hut!!!

Little Brother
Little Brother

2 to 5 years probation most of the time.

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