BONNE TERRE - A bid for landscaping Miners Park didn’t even make it to a vote Monday night and further discussion of a homeless shelter standards ordinance was put off until the Bonne Terre City Council could have time to review an amended ordinance.

During the regular council meeting Monday night, Councilmen Ron Elders and Shawn Kay told the council of the park board’s decision to recommend Murphy’s Landscaping Design to fix Miners Park in the wedge near city hall.

Kay said there were some issues park board members were concerned about such as weeds, the appearance of the current plants and the location of the park sign.

The park board asked for bids from four or five companies but Murphy’s was the only one who wasn’t too busy to bid on the job. Murphy’s bid to improve the park’s appearance was for $3,000.

The park board recommended the bid “pending finances” due to higher priorities such as installing a guard rail at Lakeview Park to protect walkers. Funding would have come from the sales tax set aside for park improvements.

A few people in the crowd gasped when city officials said the bid was for $3,000. Barbara Cook asked what was wrong with the park the way it is now - other than some weeds. Others asked why volunteers couldn’t fix the park up.

Councilman Ed Hottle made the motion needed for the council to take a vote on the bid but none of the other three council members would second the motion. As a result, the motion died and no vote was taken.

In other matters, Mayor LeeRoy Calvert told the five or so people gathered for the homeless shelter issue that they would not be discussing the ordinance Monday night.

He said the city attorney had just presented them with amendments to the original proposed ordinance and they hadn’t had time to review it. “No action will be taken tonight,” he said.

A resident asked what was the latest on the city’s plan for a skate park. City Administrator Larry Barton said it has been put on the back burner for awhile primarily because of the vandalism the city has to deal with in other parks.

Sharo Shirshekan, who was present for the homeless shelter issue, then reminded everyone he had set aside land behind the police department and his senior apartments for a skate park. He indicated it’s still set aside for that purpose and he is even willing to build it for the city.

Also during the public comment part of the meeting, a group of residents from C Street asked the council to consider their petition for a speed bump. Residents said there is a problem with people speeding and there are a couple dozen children living on that street. They offered to even pay for the speed bump with their own money.

They also asked if the city could put up new signs to let motorists know of a one-way street. One of the signs had faded, they said.

The same residents have cleared brush from a vacant lot across from 24 C Street with the hopes that the city would allow them to make it into a neighborhood park. They said they would purchases benches and take care of the park. They also asked if the city could pick up the brush they cleared.

The residents thought the city owned the property but Barton and Police Chief Doug Calvert said they don’t know who owns the property but would continue to find out.

“Thank you for taking pride in the community ...” Mayor Calvert said.

A resident, Ken Wilke, thanked the council for bringing the recycling program back. He asked when they could get their recycling bins back. He added that the purchase of the bins had been through a grant.

Barton said they started giving out the bins last week on a first-come, first-serve basis. Last month, Barton said only half the residents had turned their bins in when they ended the program last year.

The council approved a request to have the annual baseball parade on May 21. The parade route will be the same as part years and it will start at 10 a.m.

The council approved a parade request and a liquor license request for the Bonne Terre Chamber of Commerce’s annual July 4 festival. The festival will be held at the city park.

It was announced the Chamber of Commerce’s annual Fishing Derby was rained out Saturday. It will now be held this Saturday instead.

Also during the meeting, Mayor Calvert declared May as Older Americans Month. The council went into executive session after the open meeting to discuss real estate and personnel.

Teresa Ressel is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at 573-431-2010, ext. 179 or at

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Hrmm...but nothing discussed as to why trash on dover, summit, cherry, dale, etc was not picked up last week. When called every voicemailbox was full. Trash still has not been picked up. Friday was not a holiday, but yet no one at city hall answered the phone. Nothing was in the paper (from what I saw) about trash service not being available last Friday. My trash bins were out since Wednesday, the trash truck sped down the street Thursday, stopped and backed up, then whisked away again. If you look around this part of town EVERYONES trash is still sitting out. Way to go Bonne Terre. Lets worry about spending $3,000.00 on a wedge of a park instead of improving what limited city services we have.


I believe many people misunderstand that money for parks & recreation cannot, in any way, be spent for capital improvements such as sewer, streets, etc. The money can only be used for parks & recreation. Period. Please educate yourselves before using your energy to "gasp" at the idea. The bid from Murphy Landscaping included maintaining the Miner's Park several times each year at no further cost. I agree that there are many improvements needed in B.T. However,until we have property tax reinstated, we will never be eligible for grant assistance which could improve streets, sewer, water lines, etc. I have resided in B.T. for 48 years. I do have an educated opinion. I hate taxes as much as anyone, however, it takes resources to make improvements. The sales tax alone doesn't cut it folks. As far as the idea of volunteers assisting in weeding & maintaining the Miners Park & other public areas, it's a great idea. Maybe a volunteer list could be kept at city hall for such projects. In my experience, the few volunteers for city projects have been ridiculed or verbally bashed for their tireless efforts by lazy citizens who use their energy to complain about what needs to be done. I believe those folks should be given the opportunity to be first in line to sign up on the volunteer list. My bet is they won't.

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