Police arrest Carver in connection with Casey’s robbery

Carver charged with first-degree robbery
2012-11-20T14:55:00Z 2012-11-21T04:48:50Z Police arrest Carver in connection with Casey’s robberyBy TERESA RESSEL Daily Journal Staff Writer Daily Journal Online

PARK HILLS - A Park Hills man has been charged with first-degree robbery in connection with the robbery of a Casey’s store in Park Hills Monday.

Matthew Drake Carver, 20, was charged Tuesday with the Class A felony. His bond was set at $150,000.

According to court records, officers were dispatched to a report of a robbery at Casey’s on Front Street just after 2 p.m. Monday.

Police were notified that the suspect was possibly in the area of Morice Street. When an officer arrived in the area, a man handed the officer a grocery bag of cash and a black semi-automatic handgun.

The man told police he saw a man wearing a white hoodie running up the street from Casey’s. He said the man dropped the gun and the money but did not pick it up. He then ran into an apartment building. Thinking that was suspicious behavior, he called police.

When no one allowed police into the apartment, the officers forced their way in and they found Carver, along with a 24-year-old man and an 18-year-old woman.

Carver asked for an attorney, refusing to talk to police.

Witnesses said a man wearing a Mineral Area College hoodie, a Spider Man mask and gloves, waved a gun and demanded money from a Casey’s store clerk.

Surveillance video shows the man pulling a handgun from his waist and pointing it at the clerk. The clerk opened the cash drawer and backed up from the register. The suspect pulled the cash out of the register and left the store.

Detectives found a white Mineral Area College hoodie in a closet of the apartment, and a brown pair of gloves. A Spider Man mask was found near a Casey’s. Four cell phones inside the apartment were also seized as evidence.

The two individuals with Carver inside the apartment said they had nothing to do with the robbery. They also said Carver was not living there.

After some questioning, each admitted that Carver had been talking that day about robbing Casey’s but they didn’t think he would do it.

Those two individuals have not been charged with any crime at this time.

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    OLDTIMENCFAN - November 29, 2012 11:14 am
    I agree with some that think this guy putting all of these tats on his head and neck is his way of expressing himself, but I think it is strange. Just like the kids that deform their ears with big loops in them, I was in walmart the other day and one of the employees ear loobs hung down to his neck, I personnally think this is stupid, and for having tats that show, I think are distatsful. Yes I have a tat, it is a heart with my daughters name in it and the year she wa born and died after a battle with cancer at a young age, my wife has the same tat, they are both hidden on our body by the cloths were wear, I have known many vets that have them and have kept them covered, so I guess we can do what we want to our bodies, but get real folks do it with taste.
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    OLDTIMENCFAN - November 28, 2012 11:08 am
    BlasterRat- I agree that stereotyping is an on-going problem with people, but it has been going on since the beginning of time, and it never seems to go away. But not everybody feels that a con is always a con, I have said it yes, but I mean it for the type of people that use it as a way of getting over on other people or a way to use it to get over on the government, or the ex-offender that goes out and brakes the law because he wants to, because it is an easy way of life. How many ex-offender do you know that will not work because they use the excuse nobody will hire me because I went to prison, even thought I was locked up on some trumped up charge, or they will not work because they can not find a job paying them what they want to be paid. I see a lot of ex-offenders working for a local produce company, because nobody else will hire them, but 70% of them were locked up for sex related crimes. A local employment service company in Farmington will not help ex-offenders because they have a prison record, and this company is paid by the government to help people find employment. There are few companies that will hire an ex-offender because of the liability they may face from other employees, I mean think about it would you want to work with somebody that was convicted of a crime against a child, or raping a woman, or somebody that was in prison for making Meth, think about what that stuff does to your body, your brain, have you ever sat down and tried to have a conversion with a meth head?
    Today’s stereotyping is no different than when Moses led the Hebrews out of bondage; The Egyptians were raised that the Hebrews were only good as slaves.
    I am sorry if you have been treated badly because you are a ex-offender, are if people make fun of you because you had a drug problem in the past, but sometimes what you post on your blogs shows how you also stereotype type people, you down the correction system, you down the police, the judges, the court system as a whole, so in that aspect you also are guilty of stereotyping. Maybe you need to try and leave your past in the past, stop trying to preach your sermon to the crowd, make a change in your life and stop trying to convince others to see the world as you see it. I hope my opinion on this matter has not offended anyone.
  3. ktrain 50
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    ktrain 50 - November 27, 2012 5:22 pm
    Blasterrat1- You stated "Facts are you would'nt even have a job if not for offenders!" You should have your wife to help you write your articals and change your pattern of thinking because your comment is so stupid you showed your educational level. If people never get sick - Doctors would not have a job, If people did not break the law- the Police would not have a job or the courts I could take this on and on Blasterrat1 but I won't.

    And as far as my education I have been on the Deans List every semester and have a dual BS Degree and working on a higher degree now. " She,myself,and many others in the field of professionals that serve others in need know that most offenders want change." - For your information offenders will never change until they are ready to make that change.-- IT STARTS WITH THE INDIVIDUAL they have to decide I don;t want to live like this anymore, when I get out I will not break the law again. --- You said you have not broken the law since you got out so you say and why is that you decided to change and did not want to go back to prison. If you broke the law again why would it be DOC's fault because you chose to do something that you knew was wrong. And tax payers money would be waisted if you and many others would just work and be productive citizens and OBEY THE LAW like the rest of us.IMO
  4. blasterrat1
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    blasterrat1 - November 27, 2012 3:38 pm
    OLDTIMENCFAN: Indeed some are bent on never changing. It isnt corrections fault except that they failed in their efforts to instill change. But again sometimes no matter what we do they will not change. My biggest beef is the catagorizing or stereo-typeing that so many people do. Because some chose to never change we that have are still looked down upon. To me thats a problem. When this "lableing" of offenders is done by society it only makes the path to success more difficult for those who really are working hard to become successfull. I do not agree with statements like once a con always a con,or once a druggie always a druggie. These type of statements simply are not fact. I AM LIVING PROOF OF THAT!
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    OLDTIMENCFAN - November 27, 2012 12:44 pm
    Blasterrat I would like to say if you have truly learned from your past then you should be proud of yourself, I see everyday the offenders that come to prison, and get out only to make the wrong choice and return for the rest of their sentence or they will catch a new case, but in the 18 years I have been with corrections, I have seen offenders not come back because they choose to stay straight and do right. The biggest problem we face today is the ones that chose to take the wrong path in life, but what about the others that say they have learned to make the right chose just to appease the board to get out early knowing that they plan to return to the life before being caught. When I interview a new offender coming into ERDCC, do you know how many say to me, that the only reason they are here is because they got caught, or say somebody sold me out to the cops, or they made a simple screwup and got caught. I have seen numerous offender that get out and stay out, these are the offnders that corrections made a change in their life, and I hope they never come back. These are the ones nobody ever hears about, because somebody is always talking about the ones that come back, and how it is corrections fault for them not staying out and staying clean. You choose to stay out, what did it take, maybe you need to come into the prison and talk to some of these new kids, about how easy it is to stay out and straighten out their life, it appears to have been easy for you.
    Also I think one of the reason people dislike you so much is one minute you say this, but in another blog you will the oppisite to what you just said, this is what causes a lot of problems for you.
  6. blasterrat1
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    blasterrat1 - November 27, 2012 9:44 am
    Ktrain 50: I also chose to work and better myself and have had remarkable success considering the challenges I've had to overcome. Not sure how you know anything about my expertise? I also agree that all are created equal. As for tall horses? Gee I am not the one saying others should be shot for their problems,you are! People are tired of my moral horse? I beg to differ. I'm tired of those like yourself who sit back and make judgements of what should be done to others because they have a problem. Your opinions of we should this or we should that with offenders is indicative of your lack of expertise. Facts are you would'nt even have a job if not for offenders! Perhaps you should earn the tax dollars your paid with by doing more than just showing up with your better than them opinions. Like maybe actually do something that makes a difference in the lives of those in need [offenders]. Instead of seeing them thru hypocritical eyes while saying they should be shot! Perhaps many offenders, like I myself have done, can become law abiding productive citizens of our society if only given the opportunity to do so. Instead of constantly throwing in their faces their bad choices perhaps you should give them encouragement,support,respect,and the chance to change! Instead you speak of things like once a convict always a convict,drug users should be shot etc.. All while you point at others accussing them of being on a tall horse! I'd say its time you take a good look in a mirror! You are what is wrong in corrections! Sadly the majority who work as so called corrections officers think the same as you towards offenders. And no my Wife is not a corrections officer. She is a proffessional with way over 200 credit hours of education in Her field with several degrees to back it up. She,myself,and many others in the field of professionals that serve others in need know that most offenders want change. That they to can and will become successfull in life if only given the chance to do so by others. You can kick a dead dog all you like, it is not going to get up! You nurture a dog in need He will stand faithfully along side of you! Plain commen sense that many appear to have zero of. Just open your eyes. Its obvious that our system is failing! Repeat crimes are rampant amongst us. Sure dont appear to me that Corrections is great,or that its working to "correct" anyone. Appears more like job security efforts to me. Such a waste and an insult to tax payers IMO.
  7. ktrain 50
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    ktrain 50 - November 26, 2012 6:54 pm
    Blasterrat1- for your information I was abused as a child growing up I did not get spankings I got beating on a regular basis and blamed for thing I did not do. I was hit so much my self esteem was really low and thought about killing my self many many times, but I still knew the difference from right and wrong, I chose to work and better myself and I did. My brothers were drug users and dealers when I was growing up but even with all the beatings I got I still decided to do right and not follow their path. I always treat others with respect and even if they are talking + + + + I refuse to crawl in the gutter with them, my mom always said " TREAT OTHERS LIKE YOU WANT TO BE TREATED" So I am no better than you are we are all equal in GODS eyes. People are tired of you riding into town on your high moral horse when you make comments and have zero expertise in the field you are commenting on and people see this thats why you get so much flack.. What has happened in your and my past will never change and we should not be a person living in a glass house and throwing rocks, it could be your house crumbling down. And as far as me strutting around in my uniform state or military I am proud of what I do and can look at my paycheck and know I earned it and did not stab another person in the back or lie, cheat or steal and the taxpayers money was well spent. In the end Blasterrat1 I don't care what you think of me, as long as I treat others with respect and honesty I alone will stand in front of my god and will answer for anything I have ever done in my life so will you believe it or not.
  8. blasterrat1
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    blasterrat1 - November 26, 2012 12:38 pm
    Ktrain 50: Gee your so smart. How do you know what my childhood was like? I surely dont recall having a choice when the adults were forceing me to do unspeakable things! Yeah my problems but I sure as **** did not choose them. I think I have every right to blame those responsible for abusing me as a child. If not for them perhaps my choices may have been better ones. If not for the Ktrains of the World perhaps I would not have felt like I had to hide! Now go strut around Wal mart with your uniform like your special.
  9. airforceretired
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    airforceretired - November 25, 2012 1:29 pm
    ktrain 50 - I'll drink to that....(and make mine fiber) .BLAME THE PERSON PROVEN GUILTY
  10. ktrain 50
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    ktrain 50 - November 25, 2012 7:04 am
    Blasterrat1- your comment "However I would not have some that I do if not for the actions of others" No one forced you to hold sell or use drugs you did this all on your own and you should go back to prison because that comes under Criminal Thinking class blaming others for your problem. You can not move foreward with your life if you don't look in the mirror and admit your mistakes, "QUIT BLAMING OTHERS FOR YOUR PROBLEMS".
  11. Missouri_Granny
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    Missouri_Granny - November 21, 2012 6:49 pm
    All I can say is, when he is old and starts wrinkling, he is going to look funky. Why would a young man want to do that to himself? What kind of job can a person get looking like that? I don't believe in making fun of a person for anything they cannot help, but he could help it.
  12. blasterrat1
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    blasterrat1 - November 21, 2012 4:15 pm
    I 've been standing on my own for years. My problems are my problems. However I would not have some that I do if not for the actions of others. Likely very true with this guy also. There is a reason He tattooed His face up. Sure its His choice. But why would He make such a drastic choice? Likely has to do with others and the effect they have had on this kid. I'm 100% certain an adult,likely more than one helped to create who He is today. His tats are His voice. They are making a statement. We ignore that we get what we got. Him and the crimes He choses to commit for whatever reasons that He obviously needs help with! Our society continues to turn its backs and point its fingers. Problem with this is it does nothing to solve any issues that others may need help solving so that they too can be like us. Law abiding citizens! But since we are to bull headed to see and admit our failures I suppose its keep building more and more prisons eh?
  13. blasterrat1
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    blasterrat1 - November 21, 2012 4:02 pm
    I agree 100% with your statement. Exactly why I say we are as much to blame as the criminal! Also dicipline does not have to be a physical punishment to be effective.
  14. blasterrat1
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    blasterrat1 - November 21, 2012 3:59 pm
    And thats exactly where we are wrong. 120 days for any crime that is a felony is just plain stupid on our part.
  15. OKByMe
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    OKByMe - November 21, 2012 1:28 pm
    Good grief, Blasterrat, is anybody in your world ever held accountable for anything? Maybe if this idiot hadn't chosen to tat his face up like a sideshow freak he could have achieved some sort of gainful employment. Oh, but now he is a victim of societal discrimination. Grow up and try standing on your own two feet and quit blaming others for your problems. It feels good to accomplish things on your own, Trust me.
  16. SlyDealer
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    SlyDealer - November 21, 2012 12:43 pm
    Wouldn't be able to pick him out in lineup....LOL
  17. glendahks
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    glendahks - November 21, 2012 12:28 pm
    Heck yes we could have prevented it. They could have just layed the money out in the street for him to take and hid the ink jar. If he did it and he's responsible. Give him his 120 day shock and let him back out to do it again. We can not be responsible for everything someone else does. Who can guard these people all the time. They need to take responsibility for what they do.
  18. blasterrat1
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    blasterrat1 - November 21, 2012 9:54 am
    I did'nt see where it said He was from. Only that the crime occurred in Park Hills. [alledgedly] that is. I dont have a problem blaming Him but lets see if He is guilty or not first. Responsible action on our part would be to consider why He did it though. If there is something we could've done to prevent it then our hand is in the cookie jar also when we fail to address those reasons.
  19. glendahks
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    glendahks - November 21, 2012 9:06 am
    How on earth can these fools disfigure them selves like this? And then how can they keep getting into trouble? Makes me sick to see people do this to their face.
  20. stinkysmom
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    stinkysmom - November 21, 2012 8:35 am
    I don't know this guy or his family, but I just want to make an observation. Today we are a generation that are raising our children without discipline, they are growing of age and showing that they have no self-discipline, no consideration for others or their own life. Please parents and grandparents constantly remind children right and wrong have consequences, and discipline your children when they do wrong. Lack of discipline as a child almost always ends up destroying a human being as an adult.
  21. ktrain 50
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    ktrain 50 - November 21, 2012 6:06 am
    Blasterrat1- this guy is not from Farmington, is this a Park Hills problem is it because they have many low income housing or many apartments in town. Just curious who you are going to blame this one on, unemployed worker, can't get a job because of my criminal past, I look like a freak, I had to move out of St Louis because too many gangstas. How about blaming this on THE PERSON WHO DONE THE CRIME
  22. BamBam
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    BamBam - November 20, 2012 10:16 pm
    stupid is, stupid does
  23. Keepitreal
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    Keepitreal - November 20, 2012 6:17 pm
    If they think like an idiot, look like an idiot and act like an idiot, well then, they are an idiot!
  24. rivaldruid
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    rivaldruid - November 20, 2012 5:34 pm
    Probably needed the money for a new tat. Can we vote these kinds of people off the island.
  25. riddle
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    riddle - November 20, 2012 3:19 pm
    Stupid that is all i have to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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