The Bonne Terre City Council heard updates on the current water issue and several other projects throughout the city.

Bonne Terre City Administrator Jim Eaton said they had some issues with water discoloration and having to bleed the lines.

“We are in the process of having Midco Diving & Marine, an underwater construction contractor, here in the morning to take some samples out of our water tower to analyze,” said Eaton. “Hopefully we have under control what’s been our problem in the past.”

Bonne Terre Public Works Superintendent Shawn Kay said they had the tank cleaned on Jan. 25 this year, so prior to the start of the treatment plant, the tank was cleaned.

“Another thing I would like to add is when we were having the issue we tried to work through the process with Tonka Water Systems,” said Kay. “They eventually had to send a serviceman out and he found there was a valve that was not functioning properly and that was what was causing our problem.”

Kay further explained that the valve was not operating correctly during the backwash cycle and that is what made the water turn the color that it did.

“We have a suspicion there is some of the manganese in the bottom of the tank, but as long as there is no upset in our system it should stay there,” said Kay. “Hopefully after tomorrow it will be gone and we can move forward with treating our water and having the radionuclides out.”

Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Dwayne Hackworth said they had a radionuclide test last week and those were sent off to see how the production of the system is working.

Eaton said that specific test will take 90 days to get back, but they will be addressing it in closed session to further discuss the issues they had been having.

“The next item would be we have been working with MoDOT in trying to get the area of Benham Street or Highway 47 realigned to take better care of the traffic patterns,” said Eaton. “This is from new Highway 67 over up past Casey’s.”

Eaton said the other thing they are doing is working with an engineer to try to improve the intersection of Highway 47 on Berry Road to control the water that is flowing through there and is creating a real problem in the lift station.

“So that project is going on and there is some state money that is available out there,” said Eaton. “We will have to put in a little bit money, but it will be well worthwhile if we could accomplish what we need to do.”

Eaton added he didn’t know if he overstepped his authority, but when Lead Belt Materials was in town, he had them pave the area by the post office where the drop box is located.

“It was a place that collected water and had a serious bump in it,” said Eaton. “The total amount we spent was $3,100 on that particular project. They did it while they were here for the same price per ton.”

Eaton said he didn’t want to be out of line, but it really needed to be done.

Bonne Terre City Attorney Seth Pegram said it would be just an amendment to the current contract, because it was an addition to another maintenance procedure and didn’t require a bid.

“Lead Belt Materials did a nice job out at Northwood/Hedgeapple Lane,” said Eaton.

Kay said if everything goes well they will have the striping done on that this week and the project will be complete.

“I’m sure you all remember that the Environmental Protection Agency was going to foot the bill for that because their dump trucks used it to haul their material to the depository,” said Kay. “Since they tore up the road a bit, they agreed to correct it. So we have to get it finished to be reimbursed for that project.”

Kay said after they broke all the numbers down they came in under on the original bid for all the road projects they had done.

Eaton said the next thing on his list was the business license list and thanks to the police department and the city clerk, it’s down to one business who hasn’t taken any action.

“Big Charlie’s Appliances is the business who didn’t comply and it creates an ongoing issue of ill feeling among another person who has a building that is similar to it,” said Eaton. “I think at this point we have done everything we can do, but we went from nine, down to one. I think it is a good accomplishment.”

Eaton said the final thing he wanted to touch on was the Park View Apartments and thanks to Kay they have Charter Communications doing the wiring.

“Hopefully we will be able to have cable service in there by the end of the month and will gear toward using that as our grand opening day,” said Eaton.

Kay said it has been a long process and he made countless phone calls to try to make it happen. He added they should have the inside wiring done this week and they were supposed to start the outside wiring last week.

“I have not seen them out there and will be in touch with the local Charter representative to keep on him until we make this happen,” said Kay. “It was some folks higher up the line, the local folks have been very cooperative in trying to make this work for the city. It was the folks in St. Louis who we were having some problems with getting them to sign the paperwork.”

Kay understands it is a very expensive project for Charter, so they were having trouble getting them to sign to allocate the money.

“They have already done the bulk of the inside wiring,” said Kay. “Each bedroom is getting an outlet and the living room. The initial 10 are done and ready to go. They have done most of the inside of the other 53 apartments and they are going to run the outside wiring in at two locations.”

Also during the meeting, the council approved a couple ordinances, one making the Historical Society an official board that will operate much like the parks board and another ordinance setting a flat $50 fee for a business license, with a penalty if paid late.

Renee Bronaugh is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at 573-518-3617 or


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