The Desloge Police Department ended 2015 with a drug bust and started off 2016 with another drug bust.

Desloge Police Chief James Bullock said they ended the year by arresting five suspects for possession of a controlled substance and started the first of the New Year with arresting two more in a separate incident.

“On Dec. 31 at 4:41 p.m. Officer Brad Judge saw a van pull into a residence on Lincoln Street where there has been known drug activity,” said Bullock. “A female got out of the van and went into the house and came right back out. Once she got back into the van, a man got out of the van and went into the house.”

At that time Judge stopped and talked to the female in the van. Bullock said since the man didn’t come right back out of the house Judge asked her to get in touch with the male who went inside by calling him and asking him to come out.

“The man refused to come out, so the officer went to the door and knocked on the door,” said Bullock. “The person that had the house, let him in and then Judge discovered paraphernalia sitting in plain view. That’s when he started confiscating items and product. He also used the dog to locate some of the product as well.”

Bullock said that the person who owned or rented the residence was not arrested, but three people in the residence did get arrested and the two from the van were arrested. There were three males ages 61, 51 and 43 and two females ages 37 and 30.

All five were arrested for possession of controlled substance and three of them included sales of a controlled substance within 1000 feet of a school. Items confiscated included synthetic marijuana, ice (meth), pills and paraphernalia. Items were located on some of the subjects and in the residence. K-9 Scuby was deployed and was responsible for some of the contraband that was recovered.

According to Bullock, the next day on Jan. 1 at 10:50 a.m. Patrolman Dan Russell made a traffic stop on a vehicle that had committed a stop sign violation. The vehicle stopped at the Casey’s Store on North Desloge Drive.

“The 30-year-old female driver could not produce a driver’s license and was asked for information so Russell could check for a driver’s license,” said Bullock. “The 37-year-old male passenger gave his information and it was discovered that there was a probation and parole warrant for possession of a controlled substance.”

Bullock said the male was immediatly arrested on that warrant and when the officer returned to the driver to confirm her driver’s license he discovered a bag of synthetic marijuana in plain view in the vehicle.

“Patrolman Jeff Womble had arrived on the scene and was assisting when he discovered in plain view a clear plastic bag that contained $7,654 in cash laying on the seat of the vehicle,” said Bullock. “A revolver was also discovered in the vehicle. The female was also arrested for the possession of the synthetic marijuana and traffic charges.”

Bullock added that the male subject faces charges of sale of controlled substance and an application for seizure of the cash has been initiated. Scuby was deployed on the vehicle where he hit numerous times but no more product was discovered.

Renee Bronaugh is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at 573-518-3617 or


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