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Bismarck Board of Aldermen

The city of Bismarck has two two-year term aldermen seats up for the April election, as well as the two-year position of mayor. Incumbent Mayor Seth Radford filed for re-election on Tuesday. No one has filed yet for the aldermen seats currently held by Ryan Wallace and J.T Shy.

Bonne Terre City Council

The Bonne Terre City Council did not have any first-day filings for the April election. Both Ward 2 and Ward 4 is up for election. Currently Julie Hahn holds the Ward 2 seat and Andrea Richardson holds the Ward 4 seat.

Desloge Board of Aldermen

The city of Desloge has two-year aldermen positions open in Wards 1, 2 and 3 for the April election. They are currently held by Deion Christopher, Ward 1; J.D. Hodge, Ward 2; and Alvin Sutton, Ward 3. On Tuesday, incumbent Christopher and Sally Parker-Nash filed for the Ward 1 spot.

Leadington Board of Aldermen

The city of Leadington has two two-year terms for alderman open for the April election that are currently held by Debbi Matthews and Misty Dean. There is also a one-year unexpired term for the alderman seat vacated by Brad Luckey. As of Tuesday, no one had filed for any of the positions.

Leadwood Board of Alderpersons

Two seats on the Leadwood Board of Alderpersons, currently held by Dave Henry and Anna Woods, will be up for election in April. As of Tuesday afternoon, there have been no filings for the positions.

Farmington City Council

The city of Farmington has four council seats up for the April election. The term of each council seat is for two years.

On opening day of filing, Adam Parks filed for the seat in Ward I, Dr. Dennis Robinson filed for the seat in Ward II and Tom Joyce filed for the seat in Ward IV with no one filing on opening day for the seat in Ward III.

Park Hills City Council

Five councilpersons on the Park Hills City Council will be up for reelection in April. Ward 1 Councilman Adam Bowers, Ward 1 Councilman Benjamin Lashley, Ward 2 Councilman Duane McAllister, Ward 3 Councilwoman Charlotte House and Ward 4 Councilman Charles Politte will each be up for reelection for a two-year term.

By Tuesday afternoon, David W. Easter, McCallister and Chris Myers had each filed to run for Ward 2 council positions.

Bismarck R-5 Board of Education

The Bismarck R-5 Board of Education has two two-year open seats in the April election currently held by Aaron Radford and Melinda Dugal. As of Tuesday afternoon, Radford had filed for re-election.

Central R-3 Board of Education

Three candidates have filed for election to the Central R-3 Board of Education as of Tuesday afternoon. Incumbent Ronnie Calvird, Dustin Layton and Anita Skaggs had each filed their candidacy.

Farmington R-7 Board of Education

The Farmington R-7 Board of Education has two seats up for the April Election. The term for each seat is three years.

Presently, no one has filed for the seats which are presently filled by Delores Howard and Jeff Lawson. 

North County Board of Education

The North County Board of Education had two filings for board members. Incumbents Kasey Jenkins and David Mallow both filed to run for reelection.

West County R-IV Board of Education

Two seats on the West County Board of Education will be on the April ballot this year, currently held by Jon Barlow and Rick Lawson. As of Tuesday afternoon, Barlow had filed for reelection and Chris E. Briley had filed his candidacy.


In the City of Fredericktown, there will be an election of one alderman in each of Ward I, Ward II, and Ward III. Incumbents Harold Thomas in Ward I, Deena Ward in Ward II, and Jim Miller in Ward III filed on Tuesday. Also, the mayor's position will be decided in April, 2018. Incumbent Kelly Korokis has filed.

The Fredericktown R-I School District has two positions open on its board in this election. Four candidates filed Tuesday morning. They are Incumbent Xandra Sonderman, Brandon Hale, Incumbent Richard Allgier, and Melissa Kline.


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