The 11th Annual Twin Oaks Charity Grape Stomp was held over the weekend, with funds being raised for the Walker Johns Childhood Cancer Foundation and Hurricane Harvey Relief.

The stomp saw teams competing to see who could stomp the most juice from grapes, with team members alternating between stomper, collector and cheerleader. There was also a Lucy Lookalike Contest, with contestants trying to look the most like the titular character of “I Love Lucy.”

Event Coordinator Darcy Fangman said the year’s event had shaped up to be yet another success, with a good amount of funds being raised for good causes.

“I think it’s been very successful,” Fangman said. “We’ve had a huge turnout and great weather, a lot of Lucy lookalikes and some very enthusiastic grape stompers.

“We’re hoping for at least $3,000 to $5,000, especially with the nice guitars we have to auction off. Hopefully it will be a nice chunk of change for the Walker Johns Foundation.”

Up for auction were three guitars autographed by music legends Willie Nelson, Ray Price and George Jones.

Fangman said the charity is held every year, with different causes benefitting from year to year.

“We choose a different charity every year,” Fangman said. “Last year it was the Backstoppers. The year before it was Camp Hope. We like to share the love among local charities.”

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