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Monday's furry clients at V.I. Pups Grooming pose alongside staff, family and friends. Owner Tanya Naumann collected donations and additionally donated the day's profits to help rescue dogs affected by Hurricane Harvey in Dallas. From left are Groomer Christina Palmer, Groomer Misty Rice, customer Chris Vincent and Naumann.

Jacob Scott, Daily Journal

A local dog groomer is doing her part to help victims of the hurricane in Dallas that are often overlooked — rescue dogs.

Tonya Naumann, owner of V.I. Pups Grooming in Desloge collected donations Monday, and donated from the day’s profits toward a rescue operation in Dallas called Dallas DogRRR (rescue, rehab, reform).

Naumann said she saw the effects of Hurricane Harvey on the rescue operation in a Facebook post and thought she could do something to help.

“I saw them on Facebook, and saw that they’d flooded,” Naumann said. “When they released the floodgates, they didn’t have a lot of notice and the dogs were in standing water — they lost everything.”

Naumann had the help of not only her staff, but her sister, Misty Rice who runs a grooming shop of her own.

“My sister, she’s a dog groomer,” Naumann said. “She has a shop over in Catawissa. She came with donations from her customers and she’s donating her time today. All the proceeds go to the rescue.”

This is the first charity donation of this type that Naumann has made, though she said she also grooms strays and shelter animals at no charge. After seeing the situation the dogs in Dallas had been put in, she said she felt the need to do her part.

“I just wanted to do something for the dogs,” she said. “Everybody’s always jumping in and helping the people, but the dogs need help too.”

She estimated that by the end of the day, they would have collected just under $1,000 to donate toward Dallas DogRRR, saying the funds would go toward helping the organization rebuild what was lost in the flooding.

For more information about Dallas DogRRR, visit them on Facebook or at

Jacob Scott is a reporter with the Daily Journal. He can be reached at 573-518-3616 or at


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