FARMINGTON - The Farmington High School Class of 2010 used Sunday’s graduation as a time to remember with friends.

Senior Class President Abigale Berry said their class will mark the end of a unique generation. In a few years all the fun things their generation knew and grew up with will end but they will always be able to share those things together.

“Our class was the lucky class to know Randy Ragsdale and we stepped up with he needed us the most,” said Berry. 

She had three challenges to the incoming seniors and said they will have some big shoes to fill. First, everyone needs to know each other and she recommends everyone lose the labels of groups. Second, learn from everyone’s mistakes and your own. Finally, stay connected in their senior year because their senior year will be busy. 

Berry said she hopes the senior class of 2010 will remember the memories their class has made.

“We really have had the time of our lives,” said Berry. 

Junior Class President Kelly Petersen said her class has always looked up to this year’s senior class and now it’s their turn to be looked up to. 

Petersen said in her response to Berry’s challenges, the class of 2011 are accepting the challenges given to them. They will be doing different things to help know each other and stay connected. She said it will be a rewarding task to learn from each other and grow as individuals. Their senior year will be hectic, but the class of 2011 promises to stay together in activities and stay true to themselves. 

“We will carry on the traditions of the class of 2010,” said Petersen. 

“This is the greatest honor of my life,” said Communication Arts Teacher Tim Banger.

As guest speaker for the class of 2010, Banger said he stands in amazement for one of the greatest honors of his life. For the staff members, teachers, school board members, administration, who draw inspiration and have the highest hopes for the class of 2010. 

“The life after high school is a life long journey and you guys will do just fine,” said Banger. 

Mineral Area College Registrar Linda Huffman recognized the five students who graduated from MAC on May 8. Danielle Goldsmith, Kathy Koppeis, Whitney Gerber, Rebekah Loyd and Tori Scism all graduated from MAC with honors and had a GPA of at least a 3.5. 

The 11 students who completed their 42 hour general education block were also recognized. 

Farmington High School’s Knight of the Year award was given to Matt McFarland. Principal Matt Ruble said McFarland is a member of various activities and athletics. He is a genuine person with a great heart and always gives a 110 percent. 

Lauren Choate was named as valedictorian with a GPA of 17.7845 and co-salutatorians were Courtney Heuring and Whitney Heuring with a GPA of 17.3605. 

Choate said life is full of choices whether they are big or small. Everyone has had choices from a young age until now and some may seem trivial. Talent can only carry people so far and you have to rely on making the correct choices in life she added. 

Graduating seniors for class of 2010 are: Lasse Kjaer Aagaard, Brittany Jean Adams, Jeremiah Jacob Ahlemeyer, Destanie Aldridge, Kayla LaShay Allen, Jessica Hali Allison, Tara Anderson, Megan Nicole Andrea, William Thomas Arnold, Casey Austian, Lacey Raye Ayers, Jared T. Ballinger, Landon Lee Barks, Adam Joseph Barnhouse, Holly Rayann Barton, Jessica E. Barton, Grant Curtis Beavers, Abigale Morgan Berry, Chelsea Bertram, Anastasia Marguerite Bishop, Darien Otto Black, Lane Garrett Bloom, Daniel R. Blum, Sarah Marie Boland, Gregory William Bonnell, Rebecca Ann Bowles, Clinton Thomas Boyd, Dillon Thomas Boyd, Lyndy Marie Boyd, Allison Marie Boyer, Andrew Wayne Boyer, Shellby Leeann Boyer, Cassandra Renee Braddy, Wyatt Dennis Brands, Chelsea Danielle Brann, Matthew Michael Brewer, Sharea Brewer, Chelsey Lynn Bridgeman, Kacey Broccard, Nicole Broccard, Lauren Brockmiller, Ashley Marie Brooks, Shelby Jo Buckley, Ethan Riley Bullard, Derrick Joseph Callahan, Taylor Leigh Cathey, Ashley Rae Cerqua, Gordon Rhodes Chamberlain, Donny Lee Chandler, Jason Chandler, Amber Chisholm, Lauren Ashley Choate, Lucas Augustus Church, Jennifer Gayle Cole, Audrey Suzanne Comfort, Michael James Cooperwood, Katie R. Copeland, Koix D. Coulter, Melissa Ann Craig, Matthew Roger Crannell, Katherine Delynne Crowell, Kristen Rose Cunningham, Rafael Goncalves Custodio, Megan Lea Daffron, Jacinda Davidson, Isaiah Lawarence Degonia, Lindsey Shea Douglas, Rachael Drennen, George Louis DuMontier, Nathan Jacob Everett Emanuel, Andrew Emanuel, Brittany Morgan Ernst, Jessica Dawn Ervin, Carl Dean Finder III, Grace Ann Fox, Carlos J. Franklin, Trevor Clay Gallaher, Joshua Robt Franklin Gann, Whitney Elizabeth Gerber, Danielle Nicole Goldsmith, Amber Gonz, Kassie Danielle Govro, Justin Travis Gray, Brittany Nicole Greever, Alexander Robert Greif, Joshua James Griffin, Sarah MaryBeth Hafner, Kristopher Lynn Hahn, Zerick Allen Hahn, Joshua Michael Hall, Eric Robert Hallin, Jacqueline M. Hampton, Kayla Ann Harris, Mari Hauhia, Kayla Dawn Haywood, Brittany Nicole Helm, Cody Allen Helm, Kaleb Allen Helms, Sarah Marie Hensley, Justin Dwayne Henson, Kaylan Renee Herbst, Courtney Heuring, Whitney Heuring, Colin James Hickey, Kelsie Hicks, Ted Hitson, Katie Marie Horn, Lindsey Nicole House, Logan Adam House, Joshua James, Howard, Courtney Danielle Howlett, Carl Anthony Huff, Veronica Hyde, Jan Jacke, Andrew James Johnson, Corey Lynn Jones, Linda Ann Jones, Shawn Matthew Kathcart Jr., Robert Eugene Keay III, Kassidy Myshelle Kee, James Patrick Kehoe, Joshua D. Kelleher, Lindsey Marie Kelley, Rachael Kelley, Kathleen Kiefer, Brylee Kay Daniele King, Highley Ann King, William Cody King, Dennis Wayne Kinkead Jr., Leigha Marie Koch, Kathleen Marie Koppeis, Braden Michael LaHay, Kayla Lange, Ashley LaDawn Lashley, Alisha Jean Lawson, Lonnie Gerald Lay, Rebekah M. Loyd, Christopher M. Lutsch, Jacob Russell Malugen, Garrett Andrew Martin, Krystal Martin, Caleb Michael Massey, Bailey Matt, Zachary Charles McDowell, Matthew Steven McFarland, Alicia McMullin, Joel Keith Meador III, Sam Merrill, Jeffrey Luke Meyer, Andrew Lee Miller, Nathan McCuin Miller, Sam Miller, Samantha Ann Mills, Amanda Renee Moore, Victoria Marguert Mullins, Shawn Michael Myers, Zachary Cole Myers, Anthony Benjamin Nekula, AnnMarie Nichols, Katie Ann Nielsen, Pia Myrvang Nilsen, Brian Scott Nissila, Megan Noll, Justin Drew Nunn, Danyell Marie O'Neal, Nathan Ray O'Neal, Kyle Andrew Odle, Jan Mikael Ogren, Amanda Orzel, Jennifer Lucille Owen, Jordon Lee Owens, David Shang-Wah Pang, Adam Kent Parks, Kali Patrice Parson, Kimberly Patterson, Montana Brianne Patterson, Scott Franklin Payne, Wisitsak Phasomsap, Nicholas Gene Phelps, Nathan Lee Phillips, Jacob Politte, Eric Pope, Chelsea Renee Pratt, Christopher Lee Price, Edward Price,Sara L. Pritchett, Karina Rangel, Shelby Raper, Trevor Ratliff, Katharina Louise Rausch, Taylor Mark Rawson, Samuel Levi Reese, Carly Reidt, Alex Rhodes, Alexandra Svetlana Ring, Christopher Ryan Rivers, Chelsy Nicole Roach, Alexandrea Rodgers, Amber R. Rosenau, Shane L. Rowe, Whitney Layne Russell, Louis Scott Schilling, Chyenee T. Schmidt, John Schnurbusch, Ryan Andrew Schrum, Benjamin Stu Schwalenberg, Victoria Scism, Julie Lynn Scroggins, Nicole Lynn Seers, Jeremiah Dean Settle, Joseph Austin Shelley, Brett Michael Shelton, Daniel Scott Shelton, David Lee Shiner, Madelyn Fuller Shinn, Benjamin Ryan Shoemaker, Katherine Rena Simpson, Isaiah David Sims, Sierra Faye Sitzes, Chelleby Smith, Andrew Lee Snyder, Riley Keate Snyder, Justin P. Sparks, Paden Kyle Sparks, Chelsea Nicole Storz, Emily Taylor Straughan, Kelsey Lynn Strickland, Haley Rae Stroup, Christopher Allen Stuart, Collin Lee Sullivan, Skyler A. Sutton, Kendra Renee Taylor, Alec L. Thomas, Brittany Thomas, Emilie Thompson, Heather Ashley Thompson, Lucas Patrick Thompson, Brenda Jean Thomure, Dakota Ray Thomure, Sebastian Lee Thomure, Timothy Nicholas Thomure, Jennifer R. Thorne, Riley N. Thurman, Ebony Marie Tolliver, Alexandria Nicole Trask, Tyler Joseph Tucker, Charles Nathan Uptegrove, Jared Mark VanManen, Dylan Eugene Vaughn, Joshua Vaughn, Billie Joann Voyles, Mengzhu Mars Wang, Samantha Nichole Washburn, Cheryl Renee Watkins, Derek Paul Weible, Mikaela B. Westbrook, Damian Alec Weston, Cassidy Lane Whitener, Chelsea Leann Wiles, Noel Wilkinson, Ashley Renea Williams, Deaven Michael Williams, Zachary Dennis Williams, Jenni Leann Willis, Cody Allen Winder, Emily Gail Wisdom, Adrian Michael Wooddell, McKinley James Worley, Marc Anthony Wright and Brian Wynes.

Farmington High School graduated 271 students Sunday at the Farmington Civic Center. 

Maridee Lawson is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at 756-8927 or


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Graduating seniors for class of 2010 are: This should actually read: Graduating seniors for class of 2010 who participated in the ceremony are: My kid graduated but chose not to walk with his class... Personal choice.


[quote]trenticus said: "Graduating seniors for class of 2010 are: This should actually read: Graduating seniors for class of 2010 who participated in the ceremony are: My kid graduated but chose not to walk with his class... Personal choice."[/quote]

Whether he participated or not...he still graduated, right? So what's the difference?


superbiff said: Whether he participated or not...he still graduated, right? So what's the difference?

Because I didn't see his name listed. That's the difference.


Everyone please pray for Darien Black, his family, and all of their friends. They need all the comfort the community can give them at this time.

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