DOE RUN — Seven people were arrested and are facing drug trafficking charges Monday after a meth lab was found at a Doe Run residence.

Tony L. Barron, 37, of Doe Run, the former Doe Run assistant fire chief; Brandi Barron, 17, of Doe Run; Corey Buckley, 29, of Park Hills; James Metcalf, 44, of Farmington; Kimberly K. Lay, 33, of Doe Run; Carla Sebastian, 44, of Bonne Terre; and Jodi L. Barnhouse, 31, of Doe Run; are charged with first-degree drug trafficking, four counts of possession of a chemical with intent to make meth, and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child. Bond is set at $150,000.

According to court records, the Mineral Area Drug Task Force learned Metcalf, who had several warrants for his arrest, was living with Barnhouse on South Oak Street in Doe Run.

Members of the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the drug task force went to the house and knocked on the door Monday. Two small children answered the door and got Barnhouse to come to the door.

Lay exited the back of the residence and told an officer Metcalf was in the basement.

Barnhouse gave them permission to go in the basement to arrest Metcalf. When officers opened the door to the basement, there was a chemical haze lingering in the air and they found him in the basement with Buckley and Sebastian. Also in the residence were Tony and Brandi Barron.

Tony and Brandi Barron and Barnhouse said they lived in the upstairs portion of the residence while Metcalf said he lived in the basement.

The officers received consent to search the entire residence. Inside the residence, they found a one-pot meth lab with more than 90 grams of liquid that field-tested positive for meth. There was also muriatic acid, lithium batteries, white powder residue that field-tested positive for pseudoephedrine.

A mirror with residue was found in the room of Barnhouse and Tony Barron. Marijuana was found in their room as well as Brandi Barron’s room. There was also foil with residue found in Barnhouse’s purse.

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Good job of the Police. Thanks for helping to rid these persons from society. Now it appears they will be sent to DOC. There if the want to they can learn the 12 steps of NA. While trying to figure out how to not get caught next time. I predict this wont be the last time they cook dope.


I totally agree blasterrat1! These people or whatever you wanna call em will get a slap on the hand!


I'm pretty sure i have seen at least 2 of those arrested at the meth lab that has moved in next door to me in bonne terre.a few months ago. They get out of DOC and a large percentage go back to what they were doing before with whatever new knowledge they have gained while in DOC to make it harder to catch them next time.

ktrain 50

Blasterrat1-again you are misleading the people, these people are not rid from society it is just begining they have court, possible prison and this is a drain on state taxes.

On the later you are right they will be around others that have been caught and they will learn better ways to comit new crimes when they get out, unless they want to change their lives and way of thinking. But one thing is for sure DOC will teach then the tools they need to be successful but that is only if they want it. You can't change a person who don't want to change, and some offenders say what they have to just to complete their classes and go to go back to their old ways when they get out.


How can doc teach them anything when it cant tell which ones are just playing the game to get out? Please!!!!!!! Again doc 's record is not very good!


When these people go to DOC yes they will move up to higher education for future crimes. Most convicts stay convicts because they have already screwed up their lives.  It hurts the one's who want to walk the right path and become productive members of our society.  When most employers check their background out they will not hire them.  What happens? Repeat offenders and a further drain on society.The economy is not helping this issue either and people out here in the Southeast Region  are paid poorly for work. Rep's for this area are doing nothing about it and if a person is  making $10.00 per hr that is considered excellent wages. Sad................& Pathetic.,,,,,,

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Shocking I agree!

ktrain 50

Blasterrat1 you seem to be reformed or are thinking about breaking the law again? When you can read someones mind let me know, you want to blame DOC for the short commings of ones who complete their time and get out. Again it falls on the shoulders of the individual who gets out, DO I WANT TO CHANGE MY LIFE - YES or NO

EXPLAIN THIS A tire manufacture who sells tires to a company who puts tires on a person car , the owner of the car drives it, the tire blows out and an inncoent person is killed WHO IS AT FAULT?

You want to place blame on DOC for individuals who did not want to change their life. Is it posible for a person to read minds? You sure can't Blasterrat1, so quit blaming others for not being able to read a persons mind


I am not blaming doc for the short comings of those who reoffend. That is the offenders choice. I blame doc and us [society] for not doing our part. That being assuming an assertive role for our part of the problem. Simply locking people up while sitting back waiting to see if they make a choice to change or not does what? Nothing! Exactly why recidivism rates are so high. If the offenders were able to change all by themselves its likely they would've done that before committing a crime. Locking them up changes what to make them chose to be different? Arent 90% of offenders innocent to hear them tell it? Wrongfully incarcerated. Dont most blame others as to why they are locked up? You actually exspect them to be different when released if we dont provide them with what they need to make change? Are you blind? Dont the last forty years tell you that does not work? If we wait for the offender to decide to change then change wont happen! They dont know anything different than the dysfunction they have been taught by the dysfuntional ones who raised them in many cases. They dont even know how to be different even if they wanted to be. Them offending is obviously our problem also. If we had no problem we would'nt place them in prison would we? Thats where and why I blame DOC. Its lack of action to address that part of oiur problem. For sitting back simply saying we cant do anything different its up to the offender! The result? More crime! DUH!!!! We [society] have to provide offenders with the neccessary resources to achieve change. If we dont then they cant change and wont. The resources required for change isn't self help programs like AA or Na. Its not the bad food,poor medical care,and arrogant staff we supply them either! It would be professional help from experts that most offenders need to overcome their problems. Those who can guide them,lead them,teach them,and instill the need for change by the offender is where we will get a different result for our money spent to incarcerate them. That is not some underpaid employee processing CV'S that we give the title of caseworker too. Also is not some P/P employee with a huge case load that dont give a rats tail about the offender either. Its professional help from professionals of which the DEPT. has few that the offender needs to acheive change. That is where DOC fails and what I blame them for! That is a contributing factor to recidivism, and even more wastefull spending on an already failed department. ct.


It is that same mentallity you present yourself defending the lack of any significant action by the dept. that is responsible for the bad results we currently get from our system. The seeming inabillity the department has to acknowledge its ineffectiveness of providing any correctional resources for offenders to access for change. Its denial of its failure to implement those. Its denial that anything should be done diofferently that I slam the department for. Not for the crimes committed by offenders but for its failure to address why offenders chose to commit crimes. For assuming the attitude of its up to the offender to change while we do nothing to help them do so. It is that arrogance of DOC that is as much a part of recidivism as is the choice by the offender to commit yet another crime. Why you,others,and department cant see that doing the same thing year after year results in the same is beyond me! Stupid is as stupid does I suppose. Bottem line? If we want different results from offenders then we will have to do something different than what we've been doing. Otherwise its simply more and more of the same ole disappointing results for the millions we spend on DOC. But whatever maybe I should just assume the same frame of mind as you do and say we are doing all that we can do its up to the inmate to be different. Just simply accept things like they are. Just simply look forward to more of the same. More crime,more prisons,more money wasted,and a society plaqued with crime becoming more and more unsafe everyday. All this while holding our failed DOC's in the highest regard of being a great asset to the citizens it serves poorly. Ignoring the obvious while pointing a finger at others for the failures we fail to acknowledge exist. Assuming a passive role while claiming nothing is our problem. If crime isn't our problem then why do we lock up offenders? You know we cant force others to change. But we can encourage them to do so in more than just one way other than just simply locking them up. Doing that alone only leads to where we are at today. With a need for more and more space to keep them or a choice to release them while crossing our fingers hoping they wont hurt others. Placing our faith of them becoming productive citizens on pure luck. I simply dont see that as having worked very well so far. I slam doc for not taking a more proactive response in addressing the needs of offenders and us better than it currently does.


maybe it is DOC's fault...everyone who works in there should have a psychology degree and warm breast milk, because criminals are not being coddled enough; Please know that I am being sarcastic


This was probably one of the better combacks to Blasters pro convict rantings I've ever heard. Sarcastic...concise...easy to read...Not touchie feelie pro convict drivel sprinkled with DUH. Good show!


Thanks D, that is exactly what I was going for...Please know that I am being VERY serious


Doe run is a bad place for anyone to live especially with children. It has went down hill over the last several years.


GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!! Sorry to say but 10 more meth labs just went into production while I was typing this, Not sure what can be done about it but this IS a good start, Eventually they will all be either locked up or dead from their own product (Hopefully before YOUR kid dies from it)

ktrain 50

Blasterrat1 again you are not telling the truth, there are many programs for inmates to take not just AA and NA there are programs that go 120-180 days and thats several hours per day and they have homework to do on a daily basis and they do journals, they have to put the pen to paper about their crimes, life styles, positive thinking, thinking errors . They have to pass several steps to graduate the program it's not just a hand me thing. You blame others for this world not being perfict, the Police, DOC, Courts, Elected Officials, but you sir spent time inside for doing what? Were you raised wrong or did you never learn the differance between right or wrong? Do you have an education? It is just mind boggling of the amount of writing you do and it is easy to see who you blame. Any person who does time in prison they have to make a concious decision on their part, do I want to keep comming back or do I want to obey the law. The federal gov. and all states have implimented many trainning programs, drug & alcohol education, criminal thinking, family values, job fairs, re-intergration to society, they study for getting their drivers lisence, they must get their GED, these are just a very few and there are many more that they have access to and must take. You must have been locked up 40 years ago because there is more to do than you are letting the people know and these are FACTS.


Any Professional will tell the fact that an addiction problem cannot be solved in 120 or 180 days. Simply look at the recidivism stats of those being released from either of these programs! The only program doc has that is even remotely up to par is MOSOP. Even it isn't all that it could be as IMO it should be started soon after the offender is received into the Dept. and not just their last year of serving their sentence. I've explained numerous times my position in regards to how I see the Dept. Yet you continue to say I blame DOC for the offenders committing crimes. Anyone including myself knows the commission of the crime is a choice of the offenders and has nothing to do with the Dept. Addressing the issue of why the offender made those choices has everything to do with the Dept. Without doing so the offender cannot be rehabbed for successfull change. Recidivism stastistics continue to indicate a failure by the Dept. to successfully implement and make available to the offenders the neccessary tools for real change. Again this is what the recidivism stastistics are telling us. I am not saying the Dept does nothing. Just that what it does do is not enough or good enough. Again the stats indicate this over and over again. Have been doing so for over forty years now. Yet the Dept and those like yourself act like a problem does not exist. That no mistakes are being made by not doing more or better things that may improve the stats mentioned. It is that denial and the arrogance that goes with it that I blame the Dept. for. Its what our tax dollars are being spent for that we [society] gets little in return for that makes me critical of the Dept. We [society] send offenders to prison to be corrected. Not babysitted and to be told what to do and when to do it by some less than average "yes sirs" who dont care if they change or not. That would be those like yourself who see inmates as low life scumbag felons not worthy of any concern. Which simply is not true. They are instead humans in need. Those that will be released back into our society where we again are faced with their problems. Why not just simply change our veiws of them and just help them now? Instead of putting off the inevitable and spending more money when they reoffend again? Now if I were wrong then we would'nt be faced with the overcrowding and recidivism problem we have would we? Explain those stats with your theory Ktrain. You cant other than to deny a problem exist by blaming others.cont.


All you can say is its the offenders choice to offend. Its up to them to change or not. Its their choice. Really? IMO thats just a half truth! The other part is their problems are our problems too. Because they commit crimes with victims! Does that not effect us also? If not then why are we locking them up? DUH! The ole adage of lock em up and make em suffer really does little to address our future once they are released! Punishment is only a tool not the answer or solution to preventing future crimes by the offenders. The Dept relies largely on force for change from offenders. You cant force others to be different it does not work. You can coax them to be different by showing an interest and concern thru care,compassion,and a helping hand! Like that fact or not its just how it works. Nature so to speak. When we cant move past our own selfish desires with the need for revenge we get what we have. For offenders to change and us to get better results from locking them up we must also change. The Dept. does not see this fact. It choses not to by denying a need for change exist. Thats why I critizize it. Now call me a bleeding heart if you like for having a little bit of commen sense. But that I am not. I am simply a number nine! Not a bad thing. In fact if we had more nines the World would be a much kinder place for everyone. Others may actually change when they are seen for what they are instead of what they have been.


How exactly is society to blame for someone offending?

You see Blaster this is why I and many others believe your a touchie feelie person who is sensitive to the Convict.

These people did drugs and produced drugs. Now the question to ask is why. Well the simple answer is addiction. Then why produce? Money. Why work when you can cook up some meth and sell for a profit? Beats workin at McDonalds I guess, cept no one ever got arrested for cooking hamburgers.

No one is at fault for felonious behavoir save the felon himself. No one made him take his first bump of meth...they did that themselves. No one made a drunk driver drive drunk. The bar surely had a phone so he could've gotten a ride who was sober. No killer was made to kill anyone. It's not violent video games, movies, tv, or anything else. It's a lack of essential parentling and the absence of a conscience. No one made a sex offender violate either. It's not playboy, adult videos, or the internet. It's a matter of some cretin getting off on forcing others to his sexual will.

Quit trying to blame society and DOC for everything. These people made choices and because they lacked a proper moral compass it landed them in crime, and in jail. Society isn't to blame. If it was I'd be an outlaw biker, cooking meth, with dozens of bodies to my credit. I watch Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, and a few other edgy shows on TV. I play video games. Read dead redemption, grand theft auto to name a few. That doesn't mean I'm crazy or psychotic. I had parents who raised me to be a compassionate person. They told me drugs were wrong. They told me never to drive drunk. Guess what I'm 41 years old and have never even smoked marihuana. Why? Because it's not legal. Never had a DWI and in my youth did plenty of drinkin. Why? because i knew better.

Quit lumping all the problems with these people on society because society begins at home. The failures of convicts are first the failures of parents...I never made a single person here cook...or do a single grain of dope. It was THEIR call.

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