Christmas is drawing ever nearer, a fact made more and more clear as temperatures continue to fall and holiday spirit continues to rise. For many, there is a seemingly never-ending list of things to get done before Dec. 25 but one stands out as surely the most important: getting your letter delivered to Santa Claus.

The Daily Journal will again be publishing “Letters to Santa,” with area children being encouraged to submit their letters to us before our staff passes the correspondence along to Old St. Nick.

There are several ways for parents to submit their children’s letters, including paper and electronic submission. Parents can either use the form available in the print edition of the Daily Journal, or can send it directly at www.dailyjournalonline.com/letters/santa.

The letters can be dropped off at the front desk of the Park Hills Daily Journal office, located at 1513 St. Joe Drive, at the Democrat News office located at 131 S. Main Street in Fredericktown, at the Farmington Press office at 227 E. Columbia Street or at a special mailbox inside Farmington Schnuck’s.

Letters can also be submitted electronically at the above URL, emailed to hbuikema@dailyjournalonline.com or mailed to:

North Pole, c/o Daily Journal, P.O. Box 9, Park Hills, MO 63601

Letters mailed must be sent by Dec. 8 to be included in “Letters to Santa," while physically delivered letters must be submitted by Dec. 15.

The first series of “Letters to Santa” will appear in the Dec. 16 edition of the Daily Journal and continue on Dec. 19-20, provided there are enough letters.

“Letters to Santa” are printed as originally written by the submitting children, with no spelling corrections or editing from Daily Journal staff.

Whether you know a child who has submitted a letter to Santa or not, be sure to pick up these special editions of the Daily Journal anywhere the newspaper is sold or online at www.dailyjournalonline.com.


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