Woman charged with involuntary manslaughter in fatal accident

2012-11-02T05:20:00Z Woman charged with involuntary manslaughter in fatal accident Daily Journal Online
November 02, 2012 5:20 am

A Bismarck area woman has been charged in connection with the death of Wanda Williams in a vehicle accident.

Rose Marie Harrington Wahlers, 43, has been charged with the Class D felony of second-degree involuntary manslaughter. She could be sentenced up to four years in prison.

Her bond is set at $25,000.

Wahlers is accused of driving too fast for conditions.

According to court records, the accident occurred at 12:05 a.m. Aug. 5 on Route NN east of Indian Creek. She was traveling too fast on a wet roadway when she lost control on a right curve and crossed the centerline, striking a vehicle that Williams, 58, of Bismarck, was in.

Williams died at the scene. Wahlers was taken to a hospital for treatment of moderate injuries. She was not wearing a seat belt.

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  1. blasterrat1
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    blasterrat1 - November 07, 2012 7:07 am
    Indeed I have,indeed She obviously was not. INDEED She should IMO demand a trial by jury. Seems it may be a tough case to prove "intent" or "criminal negligence" for the State to win. I dont know alkl the details but suspect the accident was nothing more than that, an accident.
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    OLDTIMENCFAN - November 06, 2012 10:48 am
    Blasterrat1 I must agree with Ktrain on this, what training have you received to be able to tell the cause of a traffic accident? Did you go to the traffic reconstruction school that the HP and Local Police go to?
    I see what people mean about you always trying to stir up a fight, I feel and this is only my opinion, but you need to chill out, you seem to have a lack of common sence, because I feel that it is hard to think that anybody that has gone to prison for any crime, wheter minor or major has any common sence, it is something you are born with, you can not buy it or learn it, I know many professional people, who have degrees, from colleges, and universities, they have more letters after their names than in the spelling of their name, but have no common sence what so ever, and I consider them my friends, and I tell them they have not common sence.
    You seem to lack a lot of things in your life that effect your ability to communate on this simple type of blog, 1. tatste, 2. compassion, 3. the ability to sell your side of a story, and last but not least 4. common courteous. This is of course just my opinion. I do not know if this will be posted, but I had to say my piece about the way you post on these blogs. I am sorry if I have offended anybody else on here.
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    OLDTIMENCFAN - November 06, 2012 10:27 am
    Blasterrat1 I was wondering if you ever not make a comment to a post, you seem to always have to get the last word in in any blog.
    I was wondering have you ever been on the stretch of road that she was driving?
    I have driven it many times, it is as bad as old hwy 21, it has crazy curves and hills, dips etc. It is not a road to be drving fast no matter what the conditions, she was not in control of her car, that is the bottom line in this matter, therefore she can be charged, it will be up to a jury to convict her or not.
    You always seem to quote the law, remember just because somebody is charged they a innocent until proven guilty.
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    OLDTIMENCFAN - November 05, 2012 12:58 pm
    Please let the Family of Wanda know they are in my Prayers. The reason I know about the HP rconstruction team, is the fact that nearly 5 years ago, My family was involved in a wreck, the person crossed the median and hit our van nearly head-on, killing my Wife's Mother. The Person driving the other car said that he was not driving to fast in fact had slowed down to 55 mph from maybe 65 mph before he was forced into the median. The HP report showed at the time of impact he was doin 93 miles per hour, and the report showed he had not even applied his brakes. My wife was driving a 2004 Dodge Caravan, and was hit with a 2003 Ford F-250, that had been jacked up. The HP report also showed that it was 3" beyond the legal height, which he had been ticketed for 6 times in 2 years. He was charged with mansaughter and given 5 years in prison which he served 120 days, with 7 years probabtion, his lience was revoked until 2011, and today he is back on the streets, on yeah at the time of the wreck he was 19 years old, my Mother in Law was 63, the Mother of 5 kids. He has his life, My Wife and Kids don't have her around anymore.
  5. blasterrat1
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    blasterrat1 - November 05, 2012 7:11 am
    I know thats what they determined. But still the question remains. Was speed the contributing factor or was it also a host of other things like degree of banking on that curve,drainage problems, etc... For all we or the Police know there could've been oil on the road. Thats my point. Was She criminally negligent and therefore responsible for the accident simply for the speed She was driving? I think they will have a hard time getting a conviction at trial if She has an even mediocre lawyer.
  6. jax86
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    jax86 - November 04, 2012 9:30 pm
    Petiton is rediculous and needs to be removed asap. Bringing up prior history has nothing to do w the accident she did not cause it she was not in the wrong Rose was. And comments saying she didnt have a dl so she is at fault and dont judge before u know the facts well thats exactly what is happenin on that petion she did have a license and being judge without knowing the facts so do not sign it and it needs to be removed
  7. SassyCowgirl
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    SassyCowgirl - November 04, 2012 9:12 pm
    you should be held accountable for your actions. I'm sure this girl was a great person but you have to be in control.
  8. jax86
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    jax86 - November 04, 2012 9:01 pm
    This is a very tough situation to decide. Sending Rose to jail may not bring back the life she took. But looking at it from the other side of the coin if rose where the one who lost her life im sure the family would be doing the same and having wanda charged of involuntary manslaughter. Both have suffered in different ways what the accident did for the people and those around involved for wanda the whole family children, grandchildren, and loved ones suffered and contine to suffer everyday. With Rose has her family been affected really? prob not. just her having to live with the guilt of what she caused. Wanda was wearing her seatbelt and traveling at a rate of speed for the conditions. As Rose was not. An admitted to that in the initial police report. Oldtimencfan i agree very much w you they have technology to see and determine how fast she was actually going. And seeing wandas car itself was heartbreaking even if you did not know her. It was totally smashed from being hit head on so hard. Petition on facebook is absolutely ridiculous. If Rose does go to jail at least she is still alive you can still see her face or hear her voice. For Wandas family all of that has been taken away all we have are pictures and memories. And that night all she was doin was trying to get home to her dogs so they were not alone in the storm. Rose's family has in no way shape or form suffered or felt anything close to what Wanda's family has. As for BoBo wanda had a seatbelt on even if she didnt it would not have matted the whole front of the car was pushed into the front seat. And as far blasterrat1 hwy patrol determined cause of accident was rose driving to fast for conditions crossed the lined hydroplaned and struck the vehicle and killed a woman. Those are the facts. And again at least Rose is the only one suffering on her side on the other sde it has affected an innocent woman and the lives of the people around her. and a 2yr grandbaby that still walks around saying nana. If rose does go to jail her family will still be able to see her and hear her voice. But thats for the judge to decide not any of us. A single mother at 43 prob meens the kids are teenager at least and she should know how to drive in the poor weather conditions safely. Esp on that road. Five more minutes and wanda would have been home safe in her bed just like Rose got to do and gets to do everynight. She will be ok if she goes to jail. Punished not dead.
  9. Criminal Law
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    Criminal Law - November 04, 2012 6:53 pm
    The St.Francios County courts and area does have a kangaroo court- Compare it to Montgomery County. However when the Highway Patrol gets involved, their reconstructionist go through countless hours and training. I'd argue Troop C has the best reconstructionist for the Highway Patrol since they have Highway 21 in their area and the fatalities associated with highway. Mrs. B- to help you understand why the lady in question did not receive a ticket at the scene. If she would of received a ticket at the scene, she could have went and paid the ticket immediately. If this would of happened and she was charged with manslaughter later, defense lawyers could of argued double jeopardy. For example: Thats why when these people in possession of meth labs and distributing meth do not get " a ticket for possession of drug paraphernalia or possesion of drugs". All they would have to do is go pay the ticket. Tickets are infractions/midemeanors, whenever you have a possibly felony you do not give a ticket. This post isn't meant say who was right or who was wrong, but to help explain the law.
  10. blasterrat1
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    blasterrat1 - November 04, 2012 8:59 am
    They determined She was driving to fast! Not neccessarily the cause of the accident ktrain. For that there are many factors. Some of which the driver may control and some of which may have nothing at all to do with the driver. Facts are the State itsself could be responsible. BonneTerre found this out when they left some gravel on a road after a rainstorm! And BTW I see more posting here saying She should not be charged than those saying She should be. Seems that was the same opinion I expressed and others are thinking the same as I to me. Lastly since when does it take a professional to figure out the cause of an accident? Seems you overrate certain persons and give them more credit than is due IMO. Hint. Supporting them does not make you one of em! Nor does those dumb stickers people place on their cars after giving their money away.
  11. ktrain 50
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    ktrain 50 - November 04, 2012 6:37 am
    Blasterrat1- NO there is no one that thinks like you and we are all happy about that. Type of car,weight of car,speed it was traveling,tire wear/ inflation,rate of rainfall these are all factors that are used to determine how an accident occured. - the Missouri State Highway Patrol Reconstruction Team are very professional and they can determine the cause of an accident. Again you missed the point here yoiu have no experience as a Police Officer and have no training in reconstruction what so ever..

    This accident has caused hurt on both sides and a person who takes a life by an accident never gets over it all the way. May GOD be with all parties involved and get some healing and have peace of mind here. And may we get luck and Blasterrat1 lose his internet!
  12. blasterrat1
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    blasterrat1 - November 03, 2012 12:36 pm
    Hmmm Seems most think like I huh?
  13. Good Grief
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    Good Grief - November 03, 2012 9:49 am
    Sadly when people make poor choices, especially one that results in the death of another, consequences must be paid. The law will decide what is fair and just. That's the great thing about America. We can sit on here all day and say what a good hardworking, single mom Rose is, but at the end of the day another person has lost their lives and it may be due to the poor choices that she made. Let the law decide.
  14. bobo
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    bobo - November 03, 2012 6:40 am
    Do please wear a seat belt as it can save lives and it is the law. Cannot bring back the dead,but they could have had a chance with a seat belt buckled on them.
  15. Oreo
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    Oreo - November 03, 2012 1:21 am
    This was a very tragic thing to have happened and it is very sad that someone lost their life because of it. My heart goes out to both parties family. People this could very well happen to any of us! I could see the need to convict someone of manslaughter if there were alcohol, drugs, and or driving recklessly involved. Rose’s life has been destroyed enough as it is and she lives in her own prison cell every day knowing that someone lost their life in this tragedy. Just as any human being with a heart would! To convent and send someone to prison for a tragedy like this one; that could happen to any one of us, is WRONG!
  16. Jarrett
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    Jarrett - November 02, 2012 9:49 pm
    Driving is a priviledge , not a right. Bout time we hold people accountable for their actions and poor judgement that affects others lives.
  17. twartenbe
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    twartenbe - November 02, 2012 9:48 pm
    never mind found it
  18. twartenbe
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    twartenbe - November 02, 2012 9:41 pm
    What is the petition under on face book? Cant seem to find it
  19. Mr Mrs B
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    Mr Mrs B - November 02, 2012 4:10 pm
    Rose wasn't issued a ticket at the ACCIDENT scene,nor was she later mailed one.She's a single,hard working mother of 2 kids.YES,a woman lost her life.However it was an accident!Charging Rose w/a felony(involuntary manslaughter)is not the answer!BTW-according to drivers ED 101,you hydroplane @ 35mph.She shouldn't be punished for an accident.It could happen to any of us!She did have full coverage insurance,she wasn't under the influence of anything. There is a petition on facebook to drop all charges against her.Anyone that knows & loves Rose,I ask you to please sign it.Likewise,anyone whom thinks she is innocent of said charges,please go sign it! As her family,we know that this has affected her daily life. Rose,if you're reading this,I love you,keep strong!
  20. theTruthful
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    theTruthful - November 02, 2012 2:17 pm
    Agreed... furthermore living with the knowledge of what happened is enough punishment already. Throwing the woman in a prison cell isn't going to bring the other lady back.
  21. Stylar311
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    Stylar311 - November 02, 2012 1:10 pm
    It was raining very hard that night, Miss Harringtons car hydroplaned and crossed the center line. I know that it doesnt take a very high rate of speed to be traveling for a car to hydroplane! Also if she was "driving too fast for conditions" why did she not receive a speeding ticket on the night of the ACCIDENT? Yes it is unfortunate that a life was lost, its very tragic, but I know that she pays for this emotionally every single day...It was just that a very, very unfortunate accident.
  22. HonestJustice
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    HonestJustice - November 02, 2012 1:05 pm
    blasterrat1 do you ever agree with any ruling or sentence from a Judge? Do you ever agree with any of the charges filed by the Prosecuting Attorney's Office?
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    OLDTIMENCFAN - November 02, 2012 10:00 am
    blasterrat1 now he is the expert at traffic accidents. Did you know that they can now plug a device into your car electronic system that can tell them how fast she was going at the time of the wreck, The Highway Patrol has this type of equipment for the accident reconstruction unit, so I am sure they know more about the accident then you do. Maybe you need to read up on technology a bit before making comments about areas you apparently know nothing about.
  24. blasterrat1
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    blasterrat1 - November 02, 2012 7:00 am
    This is fetching for a conviction IMO. To many factors to determine what is to fast for conditions. Type of car,weight of car,speed it was traveling,tire wear/ inflation,rate of rainfall,etc... Perhaps She was blinded by misaligned lighting on the car She hit?.
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