Higher Education Financial Aid Eligibility (HB 1744)

On the House Floor this week, we had a group that wanted to add all non-citizen students to the A+ program. I could not support this and worked for its defeat on the floor. This would have allowed students who are not even in the country legally to be eligible for the scholarship. In the end, this would have meant less money for all the A+ students that are American citizens.

Prevailing wage is being worked on in Jefferson City (HB 1926)

I have filed HB 1926 which is a compromise bill that contractors have worked on all summer. At this time, this will be a work in progress and I will keep you informed as the prevailing wage bill moves through the legislative process.

HB 2225

HB 2225 is a bill that I sponsored and will be heard in the Insurance Committee this week.

This bill specifies that necessity of emergency services to screen and stabilize a patient shall be determined by the treating physician. Before a health carrier retrospectively denies payment for an emergency service, a qualified physician shall review the enrollee's medical records regarding the emergency condition at issue. Carriers shall not deny payment based predominantly on current procedural terminology or International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes.

Health carriers are allowed to recapture from enrollee's payments made to health care providers for emergency services if it is determined the enrollee did not have an emergency condition. Payments shall be paid directly to the health care provider by the made directly to providers when the carrier has authorized the patient to seek such services from a provider outside the carrier's network. The bill prohibits carriers from reducing payments for evaluation and management services that are otherwise eligible for reimbursement when reported by the same provider on the same day as a procedure, and specifies that contract provisions to the contrary shall be void. Payment for all services shall be made directly to providers when the carrier has authorized the patient to seek such services from a provider outside the carrier's network.

(I was proud) to have Jacob Briley shadow me on FCCLA (Family, Career & Community Leaders of America) Day at the Capitol on Wednesday. What a fine young man. I know he makes West County proud!!!

On Wednesday, I also had the opportunity to visit with Ginger Williams who was representing the Missouri Association of Sheltered Workshop Managers from Farmington.

Please know you can contact me during the legislative session with your issues and concerns by calling 573-751-2317 or emailing my office at Mike.Henderson@house.mo.gov

To access or to track the bills that I have sponsored, go to the link below at house.mo.gov, click on my name and on the top left, click on the bills I have sponsored. If you have any questions, let my office know.

Missouri 117th District House Representative Mike Henderson, R-Bonne Terre, files his Capitol report at the end of each week during the state legislative session.


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