Central made another convincing run to the MAFC White Division championship this season, and has been rewarded with a throng of all-conference selections.

The Rebels, who enter a Class 3 state quarterfinal contest against Lutheran South on Friday, landed 12 First Team selections while taking away three specialized awards.

Quarterback Jace Bland was named Offensive MVP, and three-year starting linebacker Jake Glenn was chosen Defensive MVP.

Junior left guard Tanner Friend picked up Offensive Line MVP honors, and joined Central teammates Ethan Weiss and Holden Mayberry as First Team linemen.

Four Rebels – leading receiver Will Hopkins, Glenn, Mayberry and Friend – were recognized as First Team performers on both sides of the ball.

Senior running back Tyreece Welch and junior linebacker Evan Sidebottom also made the First Team.

Ste. Genevieve finished second in conference play, and senior receiver/defensive back Gabe Greminger led his team as a two-way First Team selection.

Junior nose tackle Isaac Boyd was chosen as Defensive Line MVP, and breakout running back Darien Brown represents the lone freshman on the premier list.

Other First Team players from Ste. Genevieve are offensive lineman Clayton Vaughn and flex player Luke Brewster, whose season was prematurely ended by injury.

Potosi placed outside linebacker Ryan Coleman, offensive lineman Kobe Boyer and punter Zach Haynes on the MAFC White First team.

Mike Parrish and Noah Korokis appear twice on the First Team for Fredericktown, and Colten Jordan is the all-conference kicker.

North County obtained several honors within the MAFC Red Division after surging to an 8-3 record and falling only behind Hillsboro in the league standings.

Two-time First Team honorees include lineman Brenden McClure, Kolten Poorman at quarterback and punter, and Cole Ziegler at receiver and defensive back.

Offensive lineman Pacen DeClue, slash Briley Smith, defensive tackle Devon Mason and linebackers Tucker Smith and Jaelen Reed are also First Team players for the Raiders.

2017 MAFC White Division All-Conference

First Team Offense:

QB – Jace Bland (Central)

RB – Tyreece Welch (Central)

RB – Darien Brown (Ste. Genevieve)

FB – Jake Glenn (Central)

WR – Noah Korokis (Fredericktown)

WR – Gabe Greminger (Ste. Genevieve)

TE – Will Hopkins (Central)

FLEX – Luke Brewster (Ste. Genevieve)

OL – Tanner Friend (Central)

OL – Holden Mayberry (Central)

OL – Kobe Boyer (Potosi)

OL – Levi Lane (Perryville)

OL – Ethan Weiss (Central)

OL – Clayton Vaughn (Ste. Genevieve)

K – Colten Jordan (Fredericktown)

P – Zach Haynes (Potosi)

RET – Mike Parrish (Fredericktown)

First Team Defense:

DB – Will Hopkins (Central)

DB – Gabe Greminger (Ste. Genevieve)

DB – Logan Thaxton (Perryville)

DB – Noah Korokis (Fredericktown)

LB – Jake Glenn (Central)

LB – Evan Sidebottom (Central)

LB – Jerome Simpson (Perryville)

LB – Ryan Coleman (Potosi)

DE – Holden Mayberry (Central)

DE – Mike Parrish (Fredericktown)

DL – Isaac Boyd (Ste. Genevieve)

DL – Tanner Friend (Central)

DL – Joel Daugherty (Perryville)

Second Team Offense:

QB – Chad Donze (Ste. Genevieve)

RB – Tanner Smith (Central)

RB – Logan Thaxton (Perryville)

FB – Ryan Osia (Potosi)

WR – Jake Casey (Central)

WR – Zach Haynes (Potosi)

FLEX – Bryce Flaherty (Perryville)

OL – Kenny Couch (Fredericktown)

OL – Logan Kirby (Potosi)

OL – Dylan Wells (Central)

OL – Austin Carron (Ste. Genevieve)

K – Eli Berk (Perryville)

P – Colten Jordan (Fredericktown)

RET – Dawson Day (Central)

Second Team Defense:

DB – Garrett Richardet (Perryville)

DB – Brendan Hovis (Potosi)

DB – Kegan Schmelzle (Ste. Genevieve)

DB – Zach Haynes (Potosi)

LB – Tyler Murray (Central)

LB – Isaak Starkey (Fredericktown)

LB – Colin Govero (Potosi)

LB – Ty Brown (Ste. Genevieve)

DE – Ezra Sidebottom (Central)

DE – Clayton Jung (Perryville)

DL – Nick Robinson (Ste. Genevieve)

DL – Ethan Weiss (Central)

DL – Ryann Propst (Central)

Honorable Mention:

QB – Andrew Coleman (Potosi)

RB – Ethan Brown (Potosi)

RB – Camden Roe (Ste. Genevieve)

WR – Garrett Richardet (Perryville)

WR – Ethan Flanagan (Fredericktown)

OL – Connor Steffens (Perryville)

OL – Aaron Dooley (Central)

DE – Drew Toombs (Ste. Genevieve)

DE – James Rhoden (Perryville)

DE – Jace Bland (Central)

Offensive MVP:

Jace Bland – Central

Defensive MVP:

Jake Glenn – Central

Offensive Line MVP:

Tanner Friend – Central

Defensive Line MVP:

Isaac Boyd – Ste. Genevieve

Coach of the Year:

Blane Boss – Perryville

2017 MAFC Red Division All-Conference

North County Athletes

First Team Defense:

DE – Brenden McClure

DL – Devon Mason

LB – Tucker Smith

LB – Jaelen Reed

DB – Cole Ziegler

P – Kolten Poorman

Second Team Defense:

DL – Pacen DeClue

First Team Offense:

QB – Kolten Poorman

OL – Brenden McClure

OL – Pacen DeClue

WR – Cole Ziegler

SLASH – Briley Smith

Second Team Offense:

TE – Tyler Johnston

WR – Sean Preneau

Honorable Mention:

DE – Karson Kekec

LB – Tyler Johnston

OL – Eli Claywell


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