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Roberts speaks out on campaign ahead

*Editor’s Note — This is the first of several stories detailing the mayoral race currently underway in Farmington. The Farmington Press will devote equal editorial space to both candidates vying for the position.

“One of the first things I’m often asked now is, ‘Why on earth do you want to run for mayor of Farmington?'” Jeannie Roberts said earlier this week. “‘I just feel it’s time,’ is my answer.”

“I care deeply about this community and the people who live here. My husband, Clinton, and I were both raised here and graduated from Farmington High School,” Roberts explains. “As adults, we chose to make our home in Farmington, to make our livelihood here, and to raise our children in the same wholesome, small-town environment we had enjoyed.”

Roberts praised the leaders who have served Farmington in the past and, if elected, she promises to work toward “continuing growth and progress.” She continued by saying, “I am always proud, when asked, to say I live in Farmington. It is a community we can all take pride in, with its long-standing tradition of consistent progress through well thought-out steps while still maintaining the integrity of our heritage.

“In pursuing economic and geographical expansion, I would also advocate responsible and structured growth so decisions do not conflict with or impair the standards we enjoy in this community. I do not believe in progress at any price.”

Roberts said as mayor she would consider it her duty to work with other city and county officials to ensure the city’s zoning and codes, so that plans for future growth are logical, practical and adequate to ensure that decisions made today do not become the “regrets of tomorrow.”

“The maintenance of the infrastructure and revitalization of our older neighborhoods and downtown business district is also a prime concern of mine,” Roberts added. She said new subdivisions and business centers are welcome additions to the city, but we must also maintain those areas that comprise the “heart and essence of Farmington.”

In discussing infrastructure, she said sidewalks must continue to be made safe for pedestrian traffic, streets repaired and sewer and water lines brought up to standards for today’s modem demands.

“We should make it a mandate to devise methods of encouraging and assisting business and home owners in these older areas to repair and revitalize these structures to make them safe, efficient and attractive — which will also serve to increase property values and civic pride,” Roberts said.

Other issues she plans to address during the campaign are those of determining the best solutions for resolving the problems of the over-crowded fire station, public library and county courthouse.

“Farmington is a community known for its outstanding educational system, medical care, parks and recreational facilities. It is a community with a rich heritage and bright future. Above all, it is a town to come home to. If elected mayor, I would do all in my power and ability to ensure that this tradition is continued.”

Roberts is known for her zeal in promoting civic projects. Among her credentials are memberships in the Downtown Development Association Board of Directors, the Board of Mineral Area Council of the Arts, and membership in garden clubs, Federated Women’s Club and P.E.O., a philanthropic ladies organization, for more than 30 years.

Roberts owns and operates Botaniques on The Square, a florist and gift shop with six employees located downtown.

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