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106th District Rep. Engler files snow days bill

106th District State Rep. Kevin Engler, R-Farmington, has introduced legisIation to address the number of days schools will have to make-up due to cancellations because of inclement weather.

“The Farmington School District has already missed 11 days of school due to weather,” Engler said. “There are only a limited number of days to make-up such absences, and after a point something must be done.”

House Bill 554 creates inclement weather exceptions for mandatory school attendance requirements for the 2002-2003 school year. Current statute requires students attend 174 days of class. Under the bill, students would only be required to make up no more than eight additional days of school lost or canceled due to inclement weather and half the number of days lost or canceled in excess of eight days.

“The rate that some school districts around the state are being forced to cancel school they will be making up days well into summer,” Engler said. “Attending regular classes in June will conflict with summer school and continuing education courses. This bill is the best compromise to address the situation.”

Engler is serving his first term in the Missouri House of Representatives.

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