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Three run for alderman

LEADWOOD – Voters in Ward II have three options for the alderman two-year term when they go to the polls on April 8.

Connie Bayless

Connie Bayless is the incumbent, and has lived most of her life in the city. As alderman, she has worked with the water and sewer department over the last two years, and hopes to work for the city.

“Basically, whatever is good for the city, I’d like to see done,” Bayless said.

Bayless is working on a grant to get the water treatment plant back in operation, and, if re-elected, she plans to continue that project, as well as helping the plant to be able to pass inspection.

Dale Whelehon

If elected, Dave Whelehon believes he can and will work with the citizens.

“I’m a person for the people of the city,” Whelehon said. “I’m one that listens to the people.”

If elected, Whelehon plans to make sure the city uses its funds wisely and hopes to help the city enforce ordinances pertaining to derelict vehicles and homes.

Roberta Able

A resident of the city for 18 years, Roberta Able hopes to get more people involved in city government and to attract new businesses to the city.

“I’d like to see it grow a little bit more,” Able said.

Dennis Bayless is running unopposed for mayor. Jim Stahlman is unopposed for the Ward I alderman.

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