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Education vs. college coaches’ pay, the debate rages on

While most states are cutting funding for colleges and universities. I think the cuts are going into the wrong areas. Whether it be student programs being cut or tuition going up, I feel it is a real atrocity that a college basketball coach is making $41,000 a month. That’s right folks $41,000 a month.

The University of Arkansas is currently paying their ex-basketball coach Nolan Richardson $41,000 a month as part of a buyout of his contract. Now how many scholarships or how much financial aid could this money account for if it were going to students.

I am as big of a sports fan as anybody but I think this is a little bit ridiculous. There are kids out there that have the desire to get an education but can’t afford one. Now with budget shortfalls it is becoming increasingly harder for all students to afford tuition. However, a college basketball coach can make $41,000 a year. I would like to know if all these schools are crying poor, then how can they afford to pay $41,000 a month for a coaches’ salary!

I would be curious to compare the salary of the highest paid professor at the University of Arkansas compared to Richardson’s salary.

I shouldn’t be picking on the University of Arkansas because I’m sure that most universities pay their coaches more in a month than what most high school teachers make in a year.

This is something we need to take a close look at folks. If kids are going to pay the steep price to go to school and we are going to pay taxes so our public universities can obtain state funding then it is our right to know where the money is going. I for one don’t feel that $41,000 a month is an adequate figure for a basketball coach to make. This isn’t George Steinbrenner writing the checks folks, this is us and the kids are the footing the bill.

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