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Fresh vegetables, anyone?

Farmington Press

“When we first started out four years ago, we worried that we would have problems getting the farmers to come and the public to buy,” said Becky Landrum of the Farmer’s Market. But those worries soon subsided.

Landrum recalls the first meeting she had with then-City Administrator Jim Dismuke and local farmer Ron Hale. Plans were to set up a market where local growers could sell the results of their hard work to the public.

“We started out with three farmers selling at the market and last year we had up to 22 sellers on one day,” she added.

Landrum, along with Charlene Summers are co-managers for the Farmer’s Market, which is set to begin on Saturday, May 3 at 7 a.m. at the V.F.W. parking lot on Karsch Boulevard.

“We would like to thank the V.F.W. for their graciously allowing the Farmer’s Market to meet in their parking lot,” she said.

During the first year, Landrum says those participating noticed that there weren’t a lot of younger customers coming to buy. Recognizing that Saturday mornings can be busy times for those buyers, it was decided that a Wednesday afternoon sell time would be started.

“The Wednesday market time of 2 to 5 p.m. will start up again in late June,” she added.

There are a few requirements the sellers must meet in order for them to participate in the market. The product they are selling has to have been grown within a 50-mile radius of Farmington. The only exception to that rule is for items that are in-season for purchase but are not locally produced. There is a $5 per year charge to join the organization and the cost for setting up a stand is $3 for each set-up time.

The market has featured a variety of items in the past, from the usual fare of radishes and lettuce to honey and maple syrup. During the fall, the market is also a popular place to find apples, pumpkins and cornstalks. Plants and flowers have also been popular items at the market.

“We don’t know what is new at the market until we get there,” said Landrum.

This year, those who have completed the Master Gardener’s course will have a booth set up during market hours. Some of those who completed the course have chosen the Farmer’s Market for their civic service hours. They will be available to answer any questions or, if needed, look up an answer for anyone with questions on gardening or growing.

“The Master Gardener’s can be of a great help to anyone who comes to the market,” she said.

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