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Bonne Terre man gets 17 years for making meth

FARMINGTON — A Bonne Terre man was sentenced to 17 years in prison after he admitted to manufacturing methamphetamine.

Jeffrey Tedder Sr., 39, pleaded guilty Friday to one count of attempting to manufacture or produce a controlled substance.

As part of a plea agreement, one count of attempting to manufacture a controlled substance and three counts of possessing chemicals with the intent to create a controlled substance were dismissed.

Tedder waived his right to a presentence investigation report compiled by the State Probation and Parole Office and was sentenced as a prior drug offender since he had been convicted of possessing a controlled substance in 1998.

Since he was a prior offender, Tedder had been facing 10 years to life in prison but a plea agreement capped the time to be served at 17 years.

According to court records, officers with the Mineral Area Drug Task Force went to his trailer Oct. 17 to serve a warrant and found chemicals to make meth and surveillance equipment.

Tedder said Friday that he was not making meth when officers showed up but he had the chemicals there with the intent to manufacture the substance.

Circuit Court Judge Sandra Martinez told Tedder she hopes he gets help in prison and gets his life straightened out. She said it appears drugs have plagued his life for some time.

In another case, Melinda Price, 43, of Farmington, pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated as a persistent offender. Judge Martinez ordered a presentence investigation report and set formal sentencing for July 11. Price faces two years in prison.

Three individuals were placed on probation and ordered to pay restitution for unrelated offenses.

Sheena Hance, 18, of Park Hills, was placed on probation after the judge suspended the imposition of a sentence for receiving stolen property worth at least $150.

Carol Ann Paisley, 54, of Ironton, was placed on probation after the judge suspended the imposition of a sentence for writing a bad check.

Vickie Watkins, 51, of Farmington, was placed on probation after the judge suspended the execution of a three-year sentence for four counts of writing bad checks.

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