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Florist sponsors essay contest

Bonita Mahurin wanted to do something special for Mother’s Day. So she invited 4th grade students in the area to write essays on the subject, “Why my mother deserves the best.” The four winners received flowers from her business, Parkland Gardens Flowers and Gifts in Park Hills. The winning essays follow.

Why My Mother Deserves The Best

By Jessica Smith

Central R-3

West Elementary School

My mother deserves the best because before school in the morning, she always picks out my clothes. She always tucks me in at night before I go to bed. She never lets me go out walking in town by myself. I have to go with my big sister. She is 14. Anyway, it doesn’t matter how old my Mom always says because she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to us because she cares about us.

At nighttime, she always makes sure I get something to eat. When I am sick, she always gets me a wet washcloth and she gets it real cold because I get really, really hot and when she takes my sister to school she always comes back to check on me.

Every time I ask if I can have a friend over to spend the night with me, she always says, “yes.” Why she deserves the best is because she always acts herself and she never forgets to give me a big hug and kiss and the last thing is that I love her so much.

Why My Mom Deserves The Best

by Mallory Huck

Jefferson Elementary School, Farmington

My mom deserves the best because she loves her family. She works so hard for us. Every time I feel scared, worried or upset, she’ll always comfort me. She’d never send me away. She tries so hard to be there when I need her the most. She even once apologized for the hectic life I have. My mom once said to me, “You’ll always be my baby.”

She always makes room for Claire, Dad and me. She may get to places where I need her to be at the very last minute, but better late than never. She will stay with me however long I need her to stay. If I ask her, she’ll almost never leave my side. She never gets completely mad at me, only disappointed.

If she is ever gone for a night or two, she always makes sure she remembers to call me. I’ve never gotten mad at her and if once I ever did, she would immediately say, “Sorry.”

My mom is like the sun. She is never totally gone from my heart. Not even when the clouds hide her away. My mom is like my ultra best friend and that’s how it’s gonna be. That’s why my mom deserves the best.

Why My Mother Deserves the Best

By Alex Simon

Bismarck Elementary School

My mother deserves the best because she is very nice. She lets my friends go with me places like the City Museum and Six Flags. My friends always have a blast.

When I join up for a sport, she encourages me to do my best. When my team wins a game, we go out for pizza. Last year, for my birthday, she let me ride on an ATV. It was fun to ride on one. This one guy came with her and he said, “I think I brought the best present.” I said, “You did bring the best present — my mom.”

She lets us go to the park and swing. She bought me a bike that was really cool for $50.

When I was taking medicine, she was right there by my side. It hurt so bad trying to get up, but she was right there helping me. When I was in the hospital, she brought me things. I liked them all. When I’m down, she makes me feel better. It’s really hard to get me better. She always does and I don’t know how she does it.

That’s why I think she deserves the best because she supports people.

Why My Mom Deserves the Best

By Erich Trautwein

Bismarck Elementary School

My mom deserves the best because she helps me when I get hurt. She gives me food and shelter. My mom has a job and she still takes me places and does stuff with me. My mom raised me and my sister all by herself. She is always there for me and she will never leave. Not only is my mom pretty and nice, but she also lets me have friends over.

My mom is the best because she always is helping me with my homework. She is really funny and is always taking me new places. She is by my side when I am sick and makes me soup so I feel better.

My mom thinks I’m special.

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