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4h club attends forum

Gabe Mier, Tracy Sample and Patrick Tilk of the Jewett 4-H Club attended the Missouri State 4-H Youth Forum in Jefferson City at the State Capitol on July 1-3, 2003. There was approximately 150 delegates from across the state. The delegates were divided into three different groups, Legislature, Judicial, and Media. The Legislative participants debated actual bills and learned what it is like to be a legislator. The Judicial group participated in actual court cases and played different roles in a court room. The Media group was divided into the three smaller groups of radio, T.V. and print. The radio group recorded 30-45 second interviews of the participants in the tracts. The T.V. group presented a taping of the events of the forum. The Print group wrote articles on different events in the Judicial and Legislative branches.

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