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Ms. Vicke Visnovske uses her artistic talents at Earth Mother Health Foods

Hot days didn’t discourage Ms. V. from helping her mom at Earth Mother Health Food Store in Farmington recently.

Ms. V. is the creative and talented art teacher at Marquand High School. She helped organize the first annual Marquart (yes, it is spelled correctly) art and music extravaganza together with music teacher David Stevens at Marquand H.S.

Ms. V., as some students have nicknamed her (with a little help from David Stevens), was repainting the mural outside of Earth Mother Health Foods. The store is owned by Vicke’s mom, Marylee Visnovske. Mrs. Visnovske has had the store about 13 years. They carry a full line of health food products, herbs and skin care items including such hard to find (locally) grooming items like Burt’s Bees for men.

Along with Vicke were Marylee’s granddaughter Dami and friend Colton. They were selling large cups of cold lemonade on one of the hotter days of the year. I bought a cup of the no carb-no sugar lemonade.

Marylee had seen the photograph of Dami in the Democrat News printed in the Relay for Life issue. Dami is riding on the back of the wheelchair with her grandpa, Bill in the driver’s seat.

Marylee and Bill have two sons they are quite proud of as well. One is a ranger at Yellowstone National Park and another is an agent with ATF (alcohol, tobacco and firearms).

The store was a buzz with activity the day I was there. The employees were helping customers and stock items were being delivered on dolly truck loads. On a second visit, Vicke was still working on the large mural and Marylee was tied to the telephone at home, trying to get to the store.

Stop by Earth Mother Health Food store sometime and look over their extensive line of products. Also note, the many business cards along the counter for people in need of other services like massage.

And don’t miss this years Marquart Extravanganza. It is a colorful combination of time, talent and students knowledge, skills and abilities…thanks to teachers like Ms. V and David Stevens.

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