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Fredericktown Planning and Zoning wants increase in enforcement authority

Democrat News Reporter

The Fredericktown Planning and Zoning committee met on September 17. In attendance were Board members: Chair Jennifer Ballew, Mayor Martha McGraw, City Administrator Tim Morgan, Alderman Wanda Priest, Building Inspector Royce Weber, City Clerk Barbara Stevens, SMTS Director Bill Osborne, Mr. Vince Vacca, Mr. Larry Settle, Mr. Larry Boyer. Attending the meeting was Mr. Chris Brown. Board member Margie Grisham was absent.

During the meeting the committee discussed the special use permits. The City of Fredericktown has recently been looking closer into the special use permits the city has and considering better enforcement regarding them.

Royce Weber said several letters regarding special use permits now in effect had been sent out. Many special use permit businesses were no longer in existence, based on the response, according to Weber.

One specific question was asked regarding why Church of Latter Day Saints had to have a special use permit. Weber said, a special use permit was required because the church was located in a commercial zone (C-1). C-1 did not specifically address churches in the zoning, therefore a special use permit was needed. The rest of the area churches are in residentially zoned areas.

Further matters taken under discussion (not action) by the board included initial fees, renewal fees, city license with special use permit included and changes in current zoning. Questions were raised regarding renewal fees and how the Hancock Amendment is applied regarding such fees. Board will look at ordinance regarding special use fees in greater detail.

Special use permit regarding Krueger’s archery was mentioned. Weber said he would follow up with the archery shop.

A new church being constructed on Highway 72 was discussed. Board noted the church would be the entity to apply/hold a special use permit, not the builder. The builder, Sargent Construction, would need building permits, however.

Mayor Martha McGraw said communications between the Board of Planning and Zoning and the City Council need to have some matters in written form. Matters such as recommendations was one item McGraw mentioned. McGraw also said she would look into Planning and Zoning authority.

Chair Ballew noted the board is made up of community volunteers and the council represents the citizens of Fredericktown. After the meeting ended Ballew said, she was glad the newspaper was at the meeting. She believed the public should be informed regarding matters affecting them.

In the only action the Planning and Zoning Board took at this meeting; a motion to rezone the area by Tiny Tots from R-2 to C-2 passed. The recommendation will be sent to the Full Council and a public meeting arranged to allow comments. Mr. Chris Brown will be building storage units in the area.

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