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The Honorable County Commission of Madison County,

met October 6, 2003

with the following officers present. Ken Pate Presiding Commissioner, Roy Roberts First District Commissioner, Larry Mungle Second District Commissioner, and Joan Whitener Clerk of the County Commission.

The Commissioners and Clerk Joan Whitener attended Senator Jim Talent’s meeting at the Chamber of Commerce Office prior to the Commission meeting.

Gregg Pruett Road & Bridge Superintendent said roads graded week ending 10/03/03 were 338, 419, 236, 234, 243, 229, 266, 200, 429, 513, 427, 300, 410, 443, 416, 442, 439, 411, and 441. The County purchased a 1995 Ford dump truck for $21,000.

Information was received from the Department of the Army Corp of Engineers regarding the gravel removal permit application for the Road & Bridge Department according to the submitted, the gravel will be used to maintain and repair roads in Madison County, Missouri.

A map was included with the information showing where the sites were located.

This permit will be valid through December 31,2005.

There was discussion on ordering signs for the Courthouse, Jail, and Road & Bridge Department prohibiting the carrying of concealed weapons in those buildings.

It was agreed by the Commission to order 10 signs, which will be posted in these buildings.

There was discussion on purchasing a dump truck for $1000.00 in order to repair one of our dump trucks and get it back on the road.

It was discussed and agreed to advertise wrecked dump truck in the paper for sale.

There was discussion on windshield repair. It was agreed to turn repair of windshields over to the insurance company. Dennis Bess Insurance Agent was present to discuss health insurance. He stated he has secured all employees and retirees’. The retirees’ were taken off the base plan and will be billed separately for their insurance. Bess plans to meet with all employees to explain insurance to them.

Gale Blair and Connie Johnson from Perry County were present regarding extending a Madison County road into Perry County. The name of the road is “The Old Tower Road”. After discussion it was agreed that Commissioner Mungle and Gregg Pruett will check out the road and then decide what to do.

Information was received from MCCDD stating they were in need of a board member for their board. After discussion Commissioner Roberts made the motion, seconded by Commissioner Mungle to appoint Florene Thal to the MCCDD Board. Commissioner Roberts (Yes), Commissioner Mungle (Yes), and Commissioner Myers (Yes). Motion carried.

Sheriff David Lewis and 911 Supervisor Chris Smallen were present to discuss a personnel matter with the Commissioners.

Commissioner Roberts made the motion, seconded by Commissioner Mungle to go into Executive Session to discuss a personnel matter. Commissioner Roberts (Yes), Commissioner Mungle (Yes), and Commissioner Pate (Yes). Motion carried.

The meeting adjourned.

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