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A Different Perspective


I heard a wonderful sermon this past weekend that definitely gave me some food for thought. I have never really thought about why I had ever wanted or asked God for miracles in my life, but just knew that there had been times when I needed them. What times were those? When I was in trouble, or my family or friends, and had problems bigger than I thought I could handle myself. I have always been taught that I was to do the very best that I could do in every situation, such as work, school, home, family, church, and then let God handle those things which I could not do. Oh, I depend upon Him to be with me and direct me in everything I am doing, but it is my responsibility to do my part first. He has given me a brain to use and I am to use it. He has given me physical stamina, and I am expected to stay healthy and strong. He has given me emotions and feelings that I am to guard, yet use those to follow His leading.

In the sermon, the preacher used the text in Joshua 3, where the children of Israel had come to the river Jordan, but could not get across. They had a problem, so they needed a miracle. Not until they stepped out into the water did their miracle come. The river parted and they walked across on dry land, much as they had done in the Red Sea. If there had not been a problem, the enemy behind them, they would not have needed for the waters to part so they could get across and be safe. Not until there is a problem is there a need for a miracle.

We are always saying that we want things to go smoothly or we say we don’t like having all these things happen to us. It is during these times that we can ask for miracles and can watch God work things out for us. When everything is fine and things aren’t complicated or tough, we have the tendency to just glide along our way and become accustomed and satisfied with the normal. It is during those problems that God s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s us, teaching us to trust Him, and then ask Him for our miracles. During those problems are the times when we are taught patience, love, joy, peace, faith, and any other lesson we may need to learn. If we become victorious in those lessons, then we will be tested in others, and we can know that our miracles will come whenever the time is right. Miracles don’t have to be like the parting of the Red Sea, or the shutting of the lion’s mouths, when Daniel was in the den. They can be much smaller. But I dare say that none of us will go through life, not needing some kind of miracle, at some time or another. Every one of us has problems. No one is exempt. So go through your problem, knowing that the miracle you need is on the way.

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