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Convenience store held up in armed robbery

FARMINGTON — Police are searching this morning for a medium built white male wanted for questioning about an armed robbery overnight at a convenience store.

A lone male entered the T-Rex convenience store at Route W and U.S. 67 at about 1:20 a.m. this morning. He flourished a handgun and demanded money and store merchandise.

Police say the man was about six foot tall with medium build. At the time he was wearing a dark-colored jacket and black ski mask and latex gloves. The handgun appeared to be short-barreled, dark finish with wooden grips.

Police were sent to the store after dispatchers received a report of the robbery. Two officers went directly to the store while a third searched the surrounding area.

The clerk told police the individual ran out of the store and fled on foot to the east. Investigators believe he may have had a car waiting in the immediate area.

A surveillance videotape was taken from the store as evidence. It supported the clerk’s information about the man and his movements, Police Chief Rick Baker said this morning.

The man reportedly told the clerk to count to a certain number before moving.

Baker said an undisclosed amount of cash was taken from the register. The robber asked for small items he could carry in his hands.

Investigators did collect some physical evidence from the scene of this morning’s robbery. Anyone with information which could help police is being asked to call the police department at 756-6686.

While armed robberies do occur occasionally in Farmington, Baker was quick to say that they are extremely rare. The department has several officers on patrol at all hours of the day and night. They make routine patrols by businesses, especially those open during overnight hours.

As for how to handle a robbery situation, Baker offers these tips:

  • Remain calm and cooperate fully. Generally the individual is there for only one thing, money;
  • The best way to help is to be a good witness, or the eyes and ears for the police;
  • Be alert and get a good general description: male, female, race, approximate height and weight, eye color, etc.;
  • Then paint a mental picture of the suspect starting at the top and working down. It is much easier to recall a mental picture than just a group of details;
  • Look for identifying characteristics such as: scars, marks, tatoos, body piercings, jewelry, etc.;
  • When the robber leaves, watch for a direction of travel, and get a vehicle description, if possible.

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