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Rhodes Chapel Church

to Honor M.A. Dowd

May 16, 2004

The Rhodes Chapel Church each year on anniversary of the church honors their old members. This year will be Marquis Alexander Dowd. 12-20-1844 – 6-27-1935. He came to Madison Co. after Civil War from Jackson, Michigan working on the railroad. (I have traced his life all the way from Michigan on) made his home in Cornwall area in 1865. He married Margaret E. Miller 07-19-1868. They had five sons and one daughter. Sons Joel, James, Arther, Lewis, Andrew, and daughter Nellie. They were charter members of Rhodes Chapel Church on Grounds Creek. Later years it became a Methodist Church. Most all of his family are buried in Rhodes Chapel Cemetery all of the others have left area to other churches. He was my great great grandfather. When you go over the history of his life, when to say I’m kinfolks to 1/2 the people in Madison County could be the truth. I have never moved my membership from the church, but moved away in 1987.

I would hope this way to can get the word out and hopefully we can have a “Dowd” reunion on Sunday, May 16 at the church. Please bring covered dish and any old pictures you have. I’m 75 years old and would love to make a trip to Michigan to find out his life before he left there as hit a brickwall. I hope there is someone there of his children’s family to write.

Odessa Call

413 S.W. Russell St.

Oak Grove, Mo 64075

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