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Police responding to domestic assault uncover drug paraphernalia

DESLOGE — While responding to a disturbance call early Wednesday morning, Desloge police came across drug paraphernalia and possible residue of a controlled substance. That evening the department executed a search warrant at another residence and found drug paraphernalia and another controlled substance, according to Chief James Bullock.

The officers responding to the early morning call arrested two people for domestic assault, Bullock said, and will also be seeking drug charges through the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

There have been a number of occasions in which officers get calls about fights, disturbances or other problems and wind up finding drugs or drug-related items at the scene, Bullock said. These are situations in which the items often are in plain view or on the person of those being arrested.

The officers did not necessarily anticipate finding drugs, the chief said, but they are trained to keep their eyes open for such things.

The search warrant executed at the residence on North School Street was obtained as result of an ongoing investigation, Bullock said. When officers went through the house they found drug paraphernalia that had obviously been used.

In addition, the chief said, the officer found a small amount of what is believed to be Oxycontin, a prescription medication that is among the top problems in the illegal drug market.

“We will be asking for charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of the controlled substance in this case,” Bullock said. “It will depend on the prosecutor’s office as to what charges are actually filed.”

There was nobody at home when the officers executed the search warrant, Bullock said, and thus there were no arrests at that time.

The chief also said that investigation is continuing because there were some items seized that are still being looked at. There could be further evidence of illegal activity, but that will be determined in the next few days.

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