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Whitener Scholarship

Now Available to Marquand Students

Graduates of Marquand Zion High School, who still live in the school’s district, are eligible to apply for the Raymond L. and Mary F. Whitener Memorial Scholarship. Applications may be obtained from Mrs. Donna Greer, Counselor- Marquand Zion School, P.O. Box A, Marquand, Mo. 63655 and MUST be returned no later than May 12, 2004. Although preference will be given to recent graduates, alumni are certainly encouraged to apply. All scholarships are for one year, however, applicants may re-apply as they continue their education. The number of scholarships and the amount of each award given varies depending upon the number (and types) of applications received and the availability of funds.

The scholarship may be used for an accredited college or university, be it public or private, so long as the said institution is located within any state or territory of the United States. The Whitener Scholarship is also available to any student attending any post high school vocational facility, nurses training or properly accredited apprenticeship program. The Board of Trustees will consider applications from any student attending any other type of institution of higher learning on a one-by-one, individual basis.

Applicants must meet the following criteria: legal resident of the Marquand Zion School District, a full time student the last or senior year of high school, maintain at least a minimum of 3.0 GPA during the last four years of their high school education, demonstrated good school and community citizenship throughout high school, show financial need.

The Whitener Scholarship Fund was set up in an attempt to ease the financial burden on graduates who wished to pursue a higher level of education. The current Board of Trustees is comprised of: Pamela Moyers, Susan Settle, Colleen Pierson, Denny Ward, and the MZHS Board President.

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