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Officials close pool in Washington State Park

It is the first time since its construction in 1968, but the pool in Washington State Park will be closed for the entire summer season.

Park officials say they tried to repair the pool in time for the season this year, but the fix did not work, and the pool was still leaking so much water it could not be kept properly filled.

Jim Newberry is the Washington State Park Superintendent. He explained that with major renovations scheduled for this fall, there were not enough finances to cover both that and repairing the pool.

The most cost-effective solution was for the pool to remain closed for the summer, and fix the leak while renovations are under way.

“We regret the inconvenience to anyone,” Newberry said, noting that the pool is really the only public access facility in the county, “but when the renovations are done, we will have a very nice facility for everyone.”

The renovated pool is to include a slide, and will be accessible to people with disabilities.

The pool’s leak was discovered during the 2003 season, which resulted in an early closure that year.

“It is unfortunate that this problem was so severe that we could not feasibly operate the pool for the 2004 season. We have been assured that the renovation will occur in time for the 2005 season,” said Doug Eiken, director of the department’s Division of State Parks.

Washington State Park borders Big River, which, park officials pointed out, offers canoeing, fishing and swimming.

For more information about the park and its services, park officials may be reached at 636-586-5768. Or call the Department of Natural Resources toll free at 1-800-334-6946. For the deaf, call 1-800-379-2419.

The Web site about state parks and historic sites is at For news releases, visit or for a complete listing of upcoming meetings, hearings and events, visit the online calendar at

Washington State Park’s 20,106 acres also feature cabins, a camper store, canoe rentals, trails and a campground.

One of the unique features of the park is its petroglyphs, prehistoric carvings in rock. There are trails to these remnants of native American culture, as well as interpretative information about them.

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