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It’s not just the body that shapes up when fitness counts

There are added benefits to increased activity and healthy eating during the Shape Up St. Francois County campaign.

“Carol from Porkers’ Anonymous told me she got more active this week and her yard shows it,” said Sharon Wallace, assistant administrator, St. Francois County Health Center.

The health center is co-sponsoring the 12-week campaign along with The Daily Journal. Members of 44 teams just completed the third week of their pledge to exercise and eat healthier.

“Several on our team have lost weight and everybody has steadily increased their activity a little bit,” said Jeannie Currington, co-captain of the Healthy Hearts team. “I find I have more energy. I walk and run and sometimes, I do my bicycle because you get more points for that. But sweets are my downfall.”

Currington has noted the idea to team up to shape up is spreading.

“I heard a girl from Columbia, Mo. talk about how they’re doing it there,” she said.

Sherry Woods is captain of the five-member team that calls itself, “Losing It.”

“I’ve lost eight pounds and my mother’s lost two and I think my brothers have lost some, too,” she said. “We’ve been trying to become more active. We even included more vegetables in our Father’s Day cookout.”

She’s proud of the 30 points her team brought in this week.

“We’re doing a little better than we expected,” said Woods. “It was my idea to do this because I’ve got quite a bit of changing I’d like to do. I’d been following Dr. Phil on TV and when I saw the Shape Up on line in the Journal, I thought it was a great idea.”

She’s not only increased her activity, but she’s bought a Pilates videotape to branch out into a new form of exercise.

“I really want to encourage all these teams to stay motivated, but especially those who haven’t made it in the top 10,” said Wallace. “The main idea around this project is to promote regular physical activity and healthy eating for life, not just for 12 weeks.”

She advises incentives such as a method to reward yourself at the end of the campaign and to set attainable goals you can commit to accomplishing.

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