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4-H Dinner

The Madison County Annual 4-H Recognition dinner was held on Friday, September 24, 2004 at Pinecrest Camp just outside of Fredericktown. Members and leaders from the Jewett and Silvermines clubs were honored for their good work this past year.

Gabe Mier, 4-H member, served as Master of Ceremonies, along with the help from Nathan Miller who welcomed the group, Emilee Kay and Taylor Reynolds lead the pledges and Mr. Jim Sutton did the Invocation. Heather McGhee introduced GUESTS (Dennis Bess, Kim Long, and Irene Cureton) and Eleanor Hasenback and Nikki Mascaro introduced NEW MEMBERS – Cody Basler, Travis Kinneman, Zach Kinneman for Jewett and for Silvermines, Brandi Allgier, Bridget Allgier, Abby Henson, Dylan Quertermous, Abby Stephens, Kelly Tucker, Ellen can zur Mueler, Whitney White, and Casey Wright. Tracy Sample did the Jewett and Alex Sikes did Silvermines CLUB SUMMARY discussing the many things each of the clubs had done throughout the year. Donovan Tilk and Catherine Shearrer recognized LEADERS (Jewett – Kathy Burrows, Cibele Hasenback, Tammy Krueger, and John Sample, 1st year; 2nd year; – Mary Freitag and Danny Miller; 3rd year- Jessica Phelps; 5th year- Scott Mier; 7th year- Annette Reynolds; 10th year- Sandra Sample, Brenda and Dan Tilk, Elsie Tumey. Silvermines 1st year- Selma Mascaro; 2nd year- Cynthia Belken; 3rd year- Laurinda Kay; 11th year- Brenda Laut and Jalynn Pogue. Sandra Sample presented the JUNIOR LEADERS their pins which were- Gabe Mier, Tracy Sample, Donovan Tilk, and Patrick Tilk. Kathy Burrows and Laurinda Kay presented certificates of participation to the 4-H members that were member but did not receive a member pin. Eli Sample and Nikki Mascaro presented MEMBERS their 4-H pins- Jewett- Jeremy Gremminger, Brandon Tanner, Elanor Hasenbeck- 1st year; 2nd year- Gavin Krueger, Nathan Miller, and Taylor Reynolds; 3rd year- Ryan Gifford and Gloria McGhee; 4th year- Heather McGhee and Eli Sample; 5th year-Gabe Mier and Tiffany Tinnin; 7th year- Donovan Tilk and 9th year- Tracy Sample and Patrick Tilk. Silvermines- 1st year- Emilee Kay, Nikki Mascaro, and Colt Pogue; 2nd year- Catherine Shear; and 3rd year- Caleb Royer. Clover kids pins were presented by Jeremy Gremminger and Colt Pogue- Jewett- Maddie Burrows, Stephen Burrows, Hannah Morrow, Jacob, Paula and Megan Phelps, Lacy Reynolds, Autumn and Savannah Wilson. Silvermines- Robert Belken, Haden Clark, Hunter Kay, Joanna Royer, and Kate Royer.

Patrick Tilk presented the prefect attendance pins. Those receiving those from Jewett were- Gavin Krueger, Gloria and Heather McGhee, Gabe Mier, Nathan Miller, Taylor Reynolds, Eli and Tracy Sample, and Donovan Tilk and from Silvermines- Emilee Kay.

Gloria McGhee introduce the program which was Trivia Fun, presented by Kendra Graham, University of MO Extension Livestock Specialist and Pam Crass, University of MO 4-H Youth Development Specialist. Following the Trivia, the old and new officers were introduced by Gavin Krueger, Emilee Kay, and Ryan Gifford and were initiated by the retiring officers.

Project pins and Club Seals were presented by Annette Reynolds and Selma Mascaro. Those receiving project pins are youth who have excelled in their projects and have turned in a good 4-H project form.

Arts & Computers- Tracy Sample; Beef- Eli and Tracy Sample; Clothing- Heather McGhee; Home Environment- Heather McGhee and Tracy Sample; Photography- Gloria McGhee; Poultry- Eli Sample; Sheep- Nathan Miller, Eli Sample, Tracy Sample; Shooting Sports- Gabe Mier; Swine- Nikki Mascaro; Welding- Patrick Tilk and Woodworking- Donovan TIlk.

Seals given was a gold to the Jewett 4-H club and a Bronze seal was given to Silvermines. Fair premiums were given out by Tiffany Tinnin and Tanner Ward. Fair premiums were from the St. Francois County Fair, SEMO District Fair and the MO State Fair.

Special Awards—

Tim & Lora Tinnin in appreciation to their dedication in helping us have a prize winning float each year for the Azalea Festival.

Dr. Scott Mier in appreciation for allowing us to trash your garage and yard each year to build the Azalea float and for the effort put forth for the Shooting Sports program and the free veterinary services for our animal projects.

Bob Pruitt for the great job you do preparing our pork each year for the pig roast.

Tami Krueger for going the extra mile in finding and collecting donations for our annual pig roast/pie auction.

A thank you certificate to Dees Auction for helping us with our Auction at the Pig Roast.

Madison County 4-H Council received a certificate in appreciation of their continued support of the 4-H program.

A thank you certificate to Kendra Graham for helping with the Showmanship workshop and Achievement Day.

An “Honorary” 4-H member sign was given to James Priday for his continual support of our county wide 4-H program.

Sandra Sample was given an Appreciation award for all she does for the 4-H program in Madison County.

A new award was given this year to those with outstanding project record forms and that award went to Heather McGhee and Tracy Sample.

Congratulations to all of the leaders and members for all of their accomplishments this past year in 4-H.

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