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October is Alpha Delta Kappa Month

The month of October has been designated International Alpha Delta Kappa Month.

Alpha Delta Kappa is an international honorary sorority for women educators. There are 39 chapters throughout Missouri.

Phyllis Renshaw of Kansas City is the state president for the biennium.

Many activities and projects will be implemented by individual chapters in Missouri during the week of October 18-22, in an effort to acquaint communities with the purpose and programs of Alpha Delta Kappa.

Gamma Alpha Chapter in Fredericktown is cooperating with the plans. The local Executive Committee of Gamma Alpha Chapter includes:

President Sandie Redman

President-elect Joanna Mathes

Secretary Ginny Hogan

Treasurer Mary Henson

Historian Judy Kegley

Sergeant-at-Arms Sandy Wenninger

Chaplain Rita Yount

And past president Jody McKenney.

The sorority was chartered in 1947 with international headquarters located in Kansas City. Alpha Delta Kappa has an active international membership.

Alpha Delta Kappa promotes the recognition of outstanding educators, the establishment of high standards of education and educational and charitable projects and activities everywhere.

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