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Bismarck shows strong performance on reading scores

BISMARCK — The bulk of Thursday’s Bismarck School Board meeting was spent discussing MAP Test data. Bismarck Superintendent Dr. Damon Gamble broke down the tested areas for the board and compared Bismarck scores to the state averages.

“Overall, we see a slight improvement in our scores,” said Gamble. “We spend a great number of hours preparing our students our students for the MAP Test.”

Gamble identified what the district’s strengths and weaknesses were.

“One of our strengths was our elementary scores,” said Gamble. “We had a strong performance in reading throughout our district. We are concerned with social studies and science at the secondary level. Statewide we are comparable in mathematics and language arts.”

Gamble said Bismarck is like most other districts in which very few days go by in which they aren’t looking at things to bring in to help their students.

“It’s all about performance,” Gamble said.

In other matters an Eagle Scout addressed the board concerning a project he was hoping to do with the district. The Eagle Scout asked the board if he could build a trophy case for the school district. The board approved the request.

The board approved the promotion of elementary teacher Karen Hodges to elementary principal following the 2004-2005 school year. Current principal David Hager has announced that he is retiring following the school year.

The board approved the district’s report card.

“Overall, our report card was positive,” Gamble said. “We feel like we are making progress. The key is to maintain the progress and keep making strides to get better.”

Gamble told the board the weather kept the crowd down at the district’s Veteran’s Day program, but the students did a really nice job. Gamble also informed the board that the district would most likely apply for a Reading First Grant and the Missouri Pre-School Project Grant for next year.

Bismarck Night at MAC will be on Feb. 22.

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